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Unity News Network (UNN) is a News and Grassroots Information Centre established in April 2018 and incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a Private Limited Company on 24th of April 2018.


A pioneering and dynamic news organisation for the 21st century, Unity News Network’s aim is to be a forum for discussion and honesty about the complex issues facing the United Kingdom and the World today. Our Editor-In-Chief is Carl D. Pearson.


Unity News Network follows a full range of policies on Ethics, Corrections, Fact- Checking and Editorial Team information that can be found by clicking below.


With regards our online shop if you would like information on which charities we have donated too we are delighted to provide this if you email us on [email protected]

We welcome any insight into stories or ongoing issues and we would ask for you to email us on [email protected]

We rely solely on the support of the genuine hard working people of the UK and the world to spread our important message and if you are able to financially support our work then please: Click Here to Support our work


DISCLAIMER-  Unity News Network LTD are not responsible for the comments made on any of our social media feeds. We comply fully with GDPR regulations.

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