Celebrity ‘Refugee activist’ Lily Allen exposed in DRUGS DISGRACE!

She is a sick human being

As we reported last week Lily Allen was asked whether she would make good on her promise to house ‘child migrants’ from Calais. This was after she did a documentary where she broke down in tears at the ‘plight’ of these ‘children’ and said Britain should be ashamed of itself. More than two years later she has admitted that she has taken in no migrants and has no intention to. However she has now admitted to being a habitual DRUG USER.

Lily Allen has come under fire for glamourising drug-taking after admitting she snorted a line of ketamine at an awards ceremony, before passing out

The singer, 33, described how she passed out at ‘The Glamour Awards’ and had to be carried to a cab after snorting the horse tranquiliser, which she says she mistook for cocaine.

Allen made the revelation in response to a question posted on Twitter, which was ‘Tell us the best reason you’ve been kicked out of an event, building or group.’

Allen made the revelation in response to a question posted on Twitter, which asked people to share 'the best reason you’ve been kicked out of an event, building or group' 

She was then roundly criticised on Twitter for glamourising the taking of such dangerous drugs and in her position as a supposed role model confusing young girls. She also told how she got a taxi home and was so passed out she doesn’t remember a thing. This is also being seen as a bad example to set as numerous young girls have been raped and attacked by Uber & certain kinds of taxi driver.

UNITY NEWS OPINION- It appears that all this sustained drug use and reckless behaviour has had a long term detrimental effect on Lilly Allen’s mental health especially in relation to her thoughts on Brexit and Immigration. Instead of the mainstream media giving here a position of prominence she most likely needs rehab and serious counselling.

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  1. Why should we be burdened by 800 Peers in the house of Lords, 620 MPs in the House of Commons for a population of approx 68 million population. Cut both houses in half, put both houses on £100,000.00 a year full stop no expences. Make the House of Lord’s fully electable.
    In China the population of 1.2 billion have 700 legislatures.
    Both houses need “URGENT REFORM” along side PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION voting.

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