Government RATTLED at INCREDIBLE crowd for #FreeTommy DEMO in London!!!

Unbelievable support for Tommy

In unprecedented scenes in London today a march numbering up to 30,000 people left from Trafalgar Square to a rally outside Whitehall where they were treated to an incredible set of rousing speeches by Geert Wilders, Anne Marie Waters and Gerard Batten along with many other patriots. This was in recognition of the detention of the political prisoner Tommy Robinson for 13 months for reporting outside a grooming gang trial at Leeds Court.

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Geert Wilders received a huge ovation with his attacks on the failed governments of Europe and the disasters of multi-culturalism. He ended his incredible speech with a rousing cry that the crowd exploded to when he thundered: “Long Live Great Britain, Long Live the Netherlands and Long Live Tommy Robinson!!!”

It also appears that a mainstream media blackout of the event appears to be in place of this event that was watched by millions of people on social media around the world. The Daily Mail, Daily Express, Guardian, Independent, ITV News, BBC News, SKY News and many others have not reported at all or have merely paid it lip service with the usual smears of supporters as ‘far-right’ and ‘extremist’.

There are breaking reports of a tense stand off between protestors and Police and the centre of London is at a standstill…

Unity News Network Opinion- The Mainstream media silence on the Tommy Robinson story has been absolutely shameful. Any coverage of what has happened to a Father ,Husband  and fellow journalist has been sneering and mocking of both him and his supporters. You don’t need to agree with Tommy and what he does to be outraged at this state sponsored attack on free speech.

We pay tribute to those who organised and attended the rally today. The conduct of the people and the speeches were first class and a tribute to the high esteem in which Tommy is held by the hardworking people of the UK.  The Government needs to listen to the people and release Tommy Robinson NOW! These rallies will only continue to grow and grow and the Government will reap a whirlwind of anything happens to Tommy whilst in Prison.

From the very start we have reported on this issue and will continue to do so with livestreams, videos and reports from today. Mainstream media is dying a slow and painful  death  but we need your support to help our alternative voice reach the masses. You can do so by sharing and following all our content on all social media channels and if you are in a position to help you can donate in order that we can grow and expand our operation. The people of Britain will no longer be silenced!

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