MASSIVE Brexit March set to ROCK London tomorrow!

Unity News Network is proud to announce that we will be partnering with the rally for Freedom on Saturday the 23rd of June starting outside London Victoria Train Station with a march to Parliament. The day has been  organised and supported by a variety of grassroots and pro-Brexit organisations such us Veterans against Terrorism, the Democratic Football Lads Alliance, Freedom Marches, UK Unity and many others.

Speakers on the day are set to include UKIP Leader Gerard Batten, For Britain leader Anne Marie Waters and many other high profile figures. A full line up is still to be finalised but we would encourage anyone who believes that the democratic decision to leave the EU must be honoured and also in Freedom of Speech to do their bit to support the event by either attending or Liking, Sharing and Commenting on Social media.

The event on Facebook reads: ‘The politicians and the establishment are betraying the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU. On the 2nd anniversary of our historic vote we need to send them a message by marching on Parliament.’ The march is organised by UK Unity & Freedom March and we are delighted to support them with Unity News Network providing full coverage of the day! A full list of speakers includes Gerard Batten, MEP & UKIP Leader, Robin Horsfall SAS Hero, Anne Marie Waters, Leader For Britain Party, Peter Whittle UKIP London Assembly Member and Janice Atkinson MEP. There are other speakers on the day discussing freedom as well.

At the same time a high profile Remain March is set to take place in London with speakers such as Anna Soubry and Chuka Umunna whilst Trafalgar Square is set to to host an Eid celebration hosted by Sadiq Khan…. even though Eid ended over a week and a half ago! Our reporter and team will be on hand to bring you a livestream on Facebook and all the highlights of the day.

You can register your interest in the event or confirm your attendance by CLICKING HERE NOW!

We can now also give you a full list of the speakers:

*Speakers 🔊
Brexit and Betrayal
Gerard Batten – UKIP leader and MEP Brexit and betrayal 
Robin Horsfall – SAS Hero (freedom from Tyranny)
Ann Marie Waters – For Britain party (Immigration)
Peter Whittle AM – UKIP London Assembly
Janice Atkins MEP
British values and Brexit 
Colin Dye – Kensington Temple
Betrayal of our Freedom of speech 
Richard Inman – Veterans Against Terrorism 
Shazia Hobbs – Author of “The Gori’s Daughter” 
Reece Coombes – UKIP Youth 
Rachel Large Brit girl
Betrayal of our people 
Tracy Blackwell – Justice For Our Boys
Lee Williams – DFLA
Julie Hambleton – Justice 4 The 21 
Gary Harris – DFLA 
Luke Nash Jones – UKIP
Heidi will also be performing in between speakers.

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