HUGE #FreeTommy March planned for Saturday 14th July!

In unprecedented scenes, over the weekend London saw a march numbering up to 30,000 people that left from Trafalgar Square to a rally outside Whitehall where they were treated to an incredible set of rousing speeches by Geert Wilders, Anne Marie Waters and Gerard Batten along with many other patriots. This was in recognition of the detention of the political prisoner Tommy Robinson for 13 months for reporting outside a grooming gang trial at Leeds Court. Now even bigger and more sustained demos are planned!

The Facebook Event already has over 4,000 People interested in attending the description of the event Reads: “The people will no longer be silenced. Stand up for Free speech, stand up against this dictatorship they call a government and stand up against the persecution of Tommy Robinson. Let’s make this one 100,000 people!”

The event is set to take place in the heart of London, Whitehall on the 14th July from 14:00-17:00.

Yesterday we reported the heavy-handed policing and attempts to sabotage the march being echoed across social media, in a bold step the official Tommy Robinson Facebook page has published a stinging attack on the Police and their tactics.

Unity News Network was able to capture some footage from the event on the 9th.

Protesters had a Tense standoff with Police in Trafalgar Square where you can see hundreds of police in riot gear on the streets of London, also lines of police officers charge at protesters.

One comment from a lady during the Livestream said: “My God! I didn’t know we had so many police in London!”

Thankfully the event was a success and it passed off mostly peacefully and in total only 5 arrests were made on the day.

Watch the full event here:


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