Nigel Farage ROASTS the European project with a STUNNING new prediction!

Nigel Farage has issued a stark warning to the Brussels elites that Brexit is no longer the European Union’s biggest problem.

Mr Farage said: “Brexit is not the biggest problem the European union now faces, Italy of now has been mentioned and they are net contributors to this budget they pay in about four billion euros every single year and there are signs in Italy voters are tired of paying that money, they question what the euro has done to their economy they feel they are a victim of the European union’s immigration policies and in result of all of this they voted in a new government only to find that bulling, hectoring from the European commission has been listened to by the Italian President and in the last 48 hours, the democracy has been seduced.”

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He concluded: “In the past, you managed to bully the Danes you bullied the Irish, you bullied the Greeks into submission I suspect with Italy today you have now bitten off more than you can chew! Bring on more elections and bigger Eurosceptic victories!”  

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