Pro-Brexit demo CONFRONTS remoaners and traitors outside Parliament!

Today outside Parliament and Ten Downing Street UK Unity held a noisy and vibrant demonstration where there was a simple message: “Stop The Betrayal!”. Those who attended all had a good day and they hope this is a springboard to far more sustained and larger protests.

To view the full demonstration on YouTube please Click Below-

David Clews, Spokesperson for UK Unity said: “We had a really great day and it was excellent to meet up with fellow Brexit supporters. Things got quite tasty when we went down to confront the Remain protesters who are of course paid for by George Soros and his millions. Our supporters conducted themselves with impeccable standards and were a credit to the Leave family. Hopefully the Government will stand up and take notice or next time we will need to put MILLIONS of people on the streets, this is only the start!”

Watch David Clews being interviewed by the cameras from ITV-

Watch as our group meets the paid for remain supporters outside Parliament-


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