Pro- Brexit DEMONSTRATION outside Parliament to take place on Tuesday

People across the UK are currently in uproar at what they see as the betrayal that is taking place of the 17.4 million people who democratically voted to leave the EU. Our sister campaign UK Unity has organised an event in order for people to demonstrate outside Parliament and let people know their feelings.

Click the below video for more information on the day:

David Clews, the Spokesperson for UK Unity said: “We are out on the day with a very simple message #stopthebetrayal . We are sick of these politicians and unelected Lords who think they know better than us, enough is enough. Hopefully this will be one of many bigger and more sustained protests because there is so much wrong with the UK at the moment. We will have boards and leaflets but people are encouraged to bring their own placards and lots of flags to make it colourful!”

You can click HERE on this Facebook Event Page link to register your interest in coming along on the day.

With over 14,000 registered supporters and a thriving membership scheme UK Unity is a vibrant and dynamic grassroots movement for change in the UK. They believe that we must renew Britain but this can only happen of they leave the EU and they have a 5 point plan for real change:

If you can’t come along you can chip in with a donation to help the event please:


To sign up as a supporter of UK Unity please:




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