SHOCK POLL published after Brexit SELLOUT!

In the first poll published since Theresa May won cabinet approval for her soft Brexit it makes grim reading for the Conservative Party. The Labour Party has now moved on to 40% of the vote and the Tories have dropped back by 3 points. This would see the Labour Party win a majority at the next General Election.

As you can see above it represents a profound shift as support for the Tories haemorrhages. UKIP and other smaller parties have not seen any overall national bounce and their figures remain in single digits. However they do see significant gains in the South West region and Yorkshire where they have moved close to 17% of the vote but under the two party system it is difficult to see it translate into electoral success. These numbers show there is a definite unhappiness with the Tories and a willingness to punish them.

Numbers also show that just 22% of the population think that the Brexit negotiations are being handled well by the Government.

David Clews, Spokesperson for grassroots campaign UK Unity said:

“Despite all the talk of principles and sticking up for the vote to leave the EU, Boris Johnson, David Davis, Michael Gove, Liam Fox etc have all been taken for MUGS by the remainer- in- chief Theresa May.

Theresa May says the Cabinet has agreed on a “collective position” for the future of negotiations with the EU and its proposal will create a UK-EU free trade area which establishes a “common rule book” for industrial goods and agricultural products.

The deal also proposes a “common rulebook” with the EU on state aid rules which means we cannot intervene to protect our industries. It will also mean that we may not be able to end free movement or strike our own trade deals which goes to the heart of why we voted to leave. EU Courts will still also be able to rule on UK laws!!!

We are going to pay the EU up to £50 billion to leave and not even have a say in any of these matters, this is not what we voted for! This latest poll shows that Theresa May has in fact pleased no one and in the next General Election a Labour victory looks more likely.

We are going to up our campaign and we will be arranging another protest outside Downing Street and Parliament again as well as much more. As a genuine grassroots campaign we don’t seek political approval or standing. We act in what is the best interests of our country.

We need your help though and you can do it in the following ways-

1- Keep sharing, liking and commenting on all our social media posts to let friends and family know about the betrayal

2- Coming along to our events and protests

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