SNOWFLAKES take to the streets of LONDON and what a STRANGE bunch they are!!!

Mainstream media such as the BBC and ITV is gushing about the size of the march taking place in London saying up to 100,000 are there rallying in Trafalgar Square. One of the BBC journalists just said ‘It’s relaxed it’s fun and it’s really quite remarkable…’ Will they be saying this about #FreeTommy tomorrow?

The march was of course organised by Snowflake in Chief Owen Jones who had his own meltdown yesterday at the fact they were not allowed to use a mobile stage! At UNN we want to show you some of the more ‘colourful’ figures that the MSM ignores-

You notice a young child is in this picture being subjected to this vile, crude message.

Failed metropolitan elite, liberal actor Tony Robinson using foul language to make his point.

Many others would argue that Morrissey is to be congratulated for having the courage to come out and support #FreeTommy

Rey Kumar is 14 and skipped school to be at the Trump march today saying“I think he’s ruining politics… Migrants aren’t stealing jobs, they’re the backbone of every country”…..

On a more positive note we leave you with the above picture of a Black Trump Supporter who went down into the lions den to make his point known… How does this fit with the MSM bias and liberal narrative?!!!

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