This will wipe the smug grin off Anna Soubry’s face!!!

Yesterday Anna Soubry attended the ‘People’s Vote’ march yesterday and shared a platform with Gina Miller, Tony Robinson, Vince Cable and many other well known democracy deniers as can be seen in this widely mocked picture:

Please note looking at this picture for too long can cause extreme vomitting

However she might be having some huge issues closer to home after the political website ‘Order Order’ has released the following picture:

Guido Fawkes, the blog author, then goes on to say: “Guido contacted Dr John Doddy, chairman of the Broxtowe Conservative Association, to confirm the authenticity of this leaked membership survey. He said “no comment”, which Guido takes as confirmation.”

It is looking increasingly likely that Anna Soubry is set to be deselected by her local constituency!

Yesterday was not just the Remain march but a pro-Brexit rally also took place and you can watch this in full here:

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