UKIP Peer Malcolm Lord Pearson has written to Home Secretary Sajid Javid stating he will launch a private prosecution against Javid if anything happens to Tommy whilst he is in prison.

Tommy Robinson & Ukip’s Lord Pearson

In Lord Pearson’s letter, he said: “If Tommy is murdered or injured in prison I and others will mount a private prosecution against Mr Javid as an accessory, or for misconduct in public office.”

According to reports on social media Tommy Robinson has been arrested and subsequently sentenced to 13 months in jail but the circumstances surrounding it are still unclear.

Thousands of patriots have taken to the streets to protest the arrest of the political activist and journalist Tommy Robinson. Lots of online campaigns have been launched including a Facebook page that has been set up called Free Tommy Robinson. The online petition to free him is fast approaching 300,000 signatures, new people sign it every few seconds.

The petition reads:

‘Tommy Robinson has been arrested and jailed for reporting on Muslim grooming gangs. A job that he chooses to do with no regard for his own safety, informing the public of all the wrongs committed in the name of Allah. Fighting against adversity and reporting on issues that our mainstream media are too afraid to speak of.

Tommy is raising issues that are affecting all of our communities, and that are being swept under the carpet and hidden from the public.

Its time we stand together, stand strong, and stand by his side.


Free Tommy Robinson

The international alternative media have been following and covering the story closely and Tommy Robinson’s social media team today thanked them and gave us an update on his situation.


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  1. It was only a matter of time before he was fitted up again so they could make his suspended sentence kick in. It’s heartening that the petition has so many signatures so fast as it nails the lie that only far right activists support him. The MSM won’t be able to spin this for long. Thank God for Lord Pearson.

    1. Those who have instigated The arrest and imprisonment of Tommy have by there own actions done the campaign more good than they could ever imagine. They blindly believed that by silencing Tommy that the situation would fizzle out after a few hours. Quite the contrary as those who didn’t follow or agree with Tommy have now had there eyes opened to a legal injustice, and furthermore are supporting various campaigns for his release….. these people who were before silent in the views and opinions have found there voice and are asking questions as to what this man (Tommy Robinson) is saying that they find such a threat ….. the imprisonment of Tommy to well backfire on them and swell the following of Tommy Robinson to a number that even we could not imagine.
      Hope this makes some sort of sense? Free Tommy, I signed

      1. Makes perfect sense, and to reassure you-I’m one of those people: typical/ordinary/run of the mill middle aged woman who trusted (wrongly!) in our government, judiciary and media who had brainwashed me into believing you are a racist right wing extremist. Having spent hours “researching” you and the work you do (and the fact that you, and indeed, your family and friends, have been “set up” and intimidated by the authorities for years.) I accept I was wrong and that democracy and the right to free speech for all no longer exists in this country. The way you have been treated has shocked me to the core and I still can’t quite believe it, and meanwhile perpetrators of the most heinous sexual crimes against children are being protected by a government, judiciary and media, because of their religion,and a P.C./placatory/appeasement approach from the authorities (outrageous as everyone should be treated fairly and justly+equality!)

      2. The news of his arrest and sentencing has just hit the danish media, and although he isn’t a well loved person, the press is quite verbal about what the UK has actually done here. The UK has put itself in a category of countries with Russia, Turkey and the Gulf States, where you can hand out draconian verdicts for speaking your mind.
        I’ll wager, that less than 1 % of all danes even knew who he was 1 week ago. Now he features in the papers, TV and in magazines. If the government of UK wanted bad press, they’ve certainly got it, and any goodwill they hoped for with regards to Brexit has completely evaporated both in the public and with our politicians.
        This is a failed state trying to solve its problems by jailing its dissidents. Tuesday will see the first demonstration outside the UK embassy in Copenhagen. Can’t be there myself, but I have friends who will be.

  2. Why are there not millions in the streets? Oh…I get it…Sitting at home afraid except for the few thousand that showed up…They got guts in a country of millions who don’t. ..This is what happens when you allow them to take your guns…Hope you’re watching America…Take their guns, then take their freedom of speech and will to resist. A few thousand show up in a country of millions…You should be ashamed UK. First for allowing the govt mentality that arrested him…Second for the lack of balls to do something about it…
    Free Tommy.

    1. Not everyone can just up sticks and go to London don’t bad mouth people. It was very short notice and all happened so fast. Well done to those who did manage to get there and shame on you the idiots that undermine the cause with bad behaviour

    2. Erm we never had guns, the only guns here are sources illegally. World War 2 was probably the last time guns were readily available, and most of us were nowhere near being born yet.

    3. Joe M, do you realize how quickly the protest was put together, it happened within 24 hours, so before you start whinging and criticizing other people, what have you done about it, anything? You can not expect people who know nothing about his arrest to take to the streets and protest, why do you think the media is not covering it? They do not want massive demonstrations to free Tommy, they hoped they could keep it quiet and just make him go away, well it is not going to happen!

    4. Joe M,what have YOU and other Americans done since 1965?Most conservatives have done squat,that’s what.I know because I am a US citizen as well and have noticed an apathy when it comes to taking to the streets.Conservatives are largely useless in this way.So much has been lost HERE with barely an resistance yet you throw stones at the people of the UK who turned out on a moment’s notice and are seeing to Tommy’s safety.

    5. You really need to engage your brain before putting your one brain cell into gear. Thousands of people behind Tommy who cant just jump on a train and travel. They are supporting him in othr ways, be it vocaly or signing the online petition or financially or all three. If you cant control your mouth stay away

  3. This article pleases me so much. To know that a voice, a voice that cannot be ignored or brushed under the carpet (even though l am sure that some of those in a position of authority will try) is speaking out on behalf of Tommy Robinson. God bless you Lord Pearson , for standing up for a downtrodden citizen of the United Kingdom. I sincerely hope this injustice that has been done to Tommy Robinson will be rectified and for him to return to his family and loved ones in the earliest possible instance. Tommy, you are one hell of a gutsy journalist. Keep up the good work of what’s really happening to this once proud and great country of ours. Something the main stream media does not wish to inform us about.
    God bless and keep you safe Tommy.

      1. MsBridgit.…….. I hope you are not referring to Tommy. If the police and government can do that to Tommy, they can do it to anyone, including the likes of you.

  4. What happened to the rite of ort free speech. Tommy was saying just what hundreds of thousands of British people that want our country back. Go Tommy we are all behind you

  5. So pleased he’s been locked up for BREAKING THE LAW…AGAIN!

    He was arrested under SUSPICION of a breach of the peace and that means this;

    public disturbance, or an act considered likely to cause one

    His act was likely to cause one and it has done by the mindless idiots in Westminster.

    1. It’s not necessarily the arrest, it’s the fact that there’s been a press and media ban on reporting it. That’s intolerable in a country that champions free speech.

  6. The harassment of Tommy and his family, is the authorities attempt to cover up the cover up. off the grooming scandal

  7. It basically undermines UK’s abillity to launch any credible critizism against Putin and his methods. By jailing him for less than nothing, trying to put a lid on his jailing and all in the name of “breach of peace”?
    This, the UK of 2018, is a hallmark of a banana republic, and my next visit to the UK in this autumn will be my 25th and last. I’ll bring my son along, and tell him of a country that did spectacular things in the past, but which has allowed itself to completely errode it’s core values of freedom for free men, justice for all and a democracy older than any other in the world. I will tell him of all the achievements in the past tense, of how I hoped that Brexit would be a rallying cry for other states, but that uniting with a state that jails it’s political inconveniences like other dictatureships is not a country you associate with. It would be like aligning with Bahrain or Saudi Arabia.
    Will people “mysteriously” die in police custody? Is that the next step? Get killed in jail by unknown assailants? So all this bluster about the Russian hit with nerve agent is basically just UK being cross, because the Russians have more expertise in political assassinations?
    I am disgusted. UK has entered a death spiral from which there is no return possible. Ince you start down this path, there is only dictatureship left.


    Martin Hansen

  8. Judge Geoffrey Marson QC is the quintessential Soviet Commissar who sentences people to prison with no trial, no evidence, no witnesses, no legal counsel, no opportunity for defense or judgment by his peers.

    Then, in a true Soviet fashion, Judge Marson imposes a media blackout. No one is to know what happened or why. A citizen is picked up by police and then vanishes into the gulag, most likely to be killed in the process.

    It’s truly unfathomable that a barrister educated in the British Tradition is so completely blind to the tyranny of his actions. The people are angry. They should not only demand the release of Tommy Robinson but also a public commission on the actions of this judge.

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