UKIP sees SURGE in youth membership!

The UK Independence party, better known as UKIP, has seen a significant rise in membership applications over the past few weeks UKIP’s youth wing Young Independence Chairman Nathan Rydings, told Unity News Network that YI has seen a 44% increase to membership since the start of June.

Young Independence Chairman Nathan Rydings

Speaking to Unity News Network, The Young Independence Chairman said:

“We are looking at a clear rejection of the left wing, cultural Marxist and politically correct indoctrination that is being done in our educational establishments in today’s youth.

More and more young people are waking up to the world around them, realising the left have become aggressive or militant and noticing that this is not what democracy is or stands for.

Young Independence is now becoming the fastest growing youth movement in the United Kingdom and I believe it to be because of our stance on our freedoms and I am extremely proud to be it’s National Chairman during this time.

UKIP and YI believe in freedom of speech and freedom of expression as long as it doesn’t incite violence on a person. This is what the generation z youth support and this is where we are starting to gain popularity from.

The membership fee for Young people has decreased, active members have increased, finances have increased. Young Independence will continue to grow over the next couple of years and I am confident that we will make huge changes for our country, for the better”

Unity News Network also asked Calum Walker, UKIP Scotland Chairman, for a statement on the drastic rise in membership and where UKIP is headed in the future.

Calum Walker UKIP Scotland Chairman

Mr Walker said: “The saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is true for many things and is certainly true for UKIP. Before Gerard took over there seemed little hope for the Party. Now we’re back. We’ve got new leadership in Gerard, a new Party Chairman and new allies. Our hard work is paying off and people are taking notice.

People are coming to the realisation that UKIP’s job isn’t finished. Leaving the EU has always been UKIP’s core policy, but we are so much more. There are values and beliefs behind that policy. Belief in our country, British democracy, freedom of speech and equality before the law. UKIP has taken on the European establishment and started something that will, one day, destroy the EU. Now we need to take on the establishment in the UK.”

UKIP have not realased official figures to the public or media outlets as of today, however speaking to Unity News Network a member of the UKIP NEC (National executive committee) told us UKIP’S membership is up by at least one thousand new members.

The rise in membership has been triggered by Youtube Stars signing up for the party. Mark Meechan, Aka Count Dankula, Online Political Powerhouse Paul Joseph Watson, Sargon of Akkad, Aka Carl Benjamin and last to join was Milo Yiannopoulos who needs no introduction. Also people are pleased at the stance taken by new leader Gerard Batten with his support for the imprisoned Tommy Robinson.

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