Teenager Brutally Attacked by Islamic gangs over a JOKE!

Reports have surfaced of series of attacks taking place on young men in Wolverhampton, The Facebook Page called ‘Cameron’s Retinue of Britain’ posted the following status at 11:14 Yesterday.

“Fights breaking out across all of wolves… Brummy Muslims stalking the streets armed to the teeth been searching for me and all of my mates. Ngl many of us gave the best we’ve got, but most are heavily injured.

All because some offended liberal has reported me to FB and got me banned and exposed me to Muslim groups. Thing is I can’t even go to the police as some of my mates did things that could get them nicked.

Attacks have been on Tettenhall Road, West Park, Cannock Road, by Temple Street, by the Molineux under the Bridge… All sorts.

I’ve found out they’ve only left everyone alone after they left again last night, all this because of a joke made about Muslims. It could be classed as offensive, but is it really worth all this violence over a joke?

Id like to keep all the main details enclosed for now, though but this proves radical Islam is an issue that is growing rapidly.”

Unity News Network wanted to dig deeper into the story to find out why such horrible attack where taking place and what sort of evil thing must this young man have done to be attacked in such a way… what we found out was a simple joke was taken and turned on this young man to make him the target of far-left and Islamic extremists.

We Interviewed Cameron, 18, from Wolverhampton, and asked him a number of question regarding the attacks he and his peers have faced.

Carl D. Pearson: “What was this joke that caused all the commotion and  lead to this attack?”

Cameron: “I put that up on my day/story.”

Carl D. Pearson “How many times have you personally been attacked and how serious are the attacks starting to get?”

Cameron: “These attacks happen at all marches, but the first time I was attacked was 14 when Muslim lads were pissing on a war memorial and they pulled out a knife on me when I was on a PE run at school along the canal, ive got the scars on my shoulder to prove it.”

Carl D. Pearson: “That’s sickening… Why do you think people feel they have the right to disrespect our fallen heroes?” 

Cameron: “They do it simply because they don’t see our country as their country. They get a kick out of being invaders I think and having a cause and rebelling.”

Carl D. Pearson: “What marches do these attacks happen at?”

Cameron: “FLA, all… Or sometimes they wait for drunken football hooligans to be on their own walking home. They throw things in groups or chant and then they wait till the crowd disperses and they attack people on their own.”

Carl D. Pearson: “How many people would you say you knew who have been attacked by these gangs?”

Cameron: “I’ve loosely known dozens of people who I’ve seen attacked and helped them defend themselves. People don’t realise that these people want war, and its Antifa too, many of them carry weapons and go around attacking people in masks.”

Carl D. Pearson: “Do they give any reason as to why they attack you and others?”

Cameron:“Because they are trying to do what we are trying to stop. They’re trying to scare us, and they want open borders. They defend the names of paedophiles and jihadists and refuse to give in or be wrong.”

Carl D. Pearson: “What is the polices response when they see British citizens being attacked on the streets of England?”

Cameron: “They tend to… Stand against us really. They load of stand between the largest groups of people, but they always face us. I’ve been hit by a baton once for no reason last year… People can shout all sorts at us and throw things but what we get arrested? We NEVER start the fights.”

Carl D. Pearson:“How do you think the local and national governments could be tackling these kinds of attacks?”

Cameron: “Well first off, the police are too scared and politically correct. Also, there’s no police ANYWHERE you go. They’re too busy catching kids for weed instead of dealing with real issues. They should be as strict as other countries, that’s all that’s needed, like in Spain, Russia, Greece, Korea, all these countries that do not accept antifa riots and so on.” 

Carl Ended the Interview by thanking Cameron for answering all his questions, Cameron said that he was more than happy for us to post the photos to let everyone see the sort of attacks taking place on the streets of the United Kingdom.

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