BBC, The Sun, Express etc MASSIVE bias against Tommy Robinson EXPOSED!

In the 24 hours since the release of Tommy Robinson we have been subjected to a barrage of Fake News and slurs against Tommy Robinson and his supporters. You saw the way Sky News tried to get in his face upon leaving prison. The BBC referred to him on the radio as the Leader of the EDL (which he hasn’t been for years). LBC also slammed Tommy this morning with Nick Ferrari going on the attack against Gerard Batten over his support for Tommy.

The Sun, which claims to be the voice of working people in the UK, has gone on a massive attack with the following editorial against him.

Not only are they lies about Tommy but they are a direct attack on his supporters. All we will remind our readers is about the way the Sun reported on the Hillsborough Disaster, the phone hacking scandal and its backing of Tony Blair and the Iraq War.

The Daily Express, which has now been bought over by the hard left Mirror Group, also had a segment where they use the sneaky tactic of guilt by association.



Just look to the left at this as a headline. Does The Express actually have any evidence of this happening. They claim to be a pro-British, Brexit supporting paper so why are the following the MSM bias line?





Likewise within the article the Express also goes after and condemns Tommy supporter Raheem Kassam who has done so much to try and secure his freedom launching an attempted attack on him as well.

Rebel Media Commander Ezra Levant, who has done an amazing job of reporting on and supporting Tommy throughout, detailed some of the horrors that Tommy has had to face whilst in jail.  This is unlike the bias MSM who engaged in these horrific attacks on Tommy, below are some of Ezra’s tweets:

Tommy Robinson was jailed in May after filming outside Leeds Crown Court during the trial of an alleged rape gang that wasn’t being reported by the Mainstream Media.

Jeremy Dein QC, in his written grounds of appeal, claimed Robinson was subjected to:

summary justice in the extreme, unnecessary and unfair. He was in no position to give clear instructions, and could not be expected to make sound decisions in pressurised circumstances, his liberty being at stake.The proceedings were unnecessarily and unjustifiably rushed. They were conducted in haste ”

Tommy was serving a 13 month sentence where initially he felt safe and secure in HMP Hull but with no notice he was then suddenly move to HMP Onley which had a high proportion of Islamic Extremists who were actively targeting Tommy with a religious ‘Fatwa’ being issued for his murder.

Dein said that even communicating with Tommy had been difficult as it took so long for him to be brought out from his prison cell and also the specific sections of the contempt laws Robinson had broken were also not revealed in this complicated and muddled case.

Unity News Network has been one of the few registered news sites that has been reporting on Tommy’s case from the outset and throughout. We have sent our reporters to bring you livestreams of all the major #FreeTommy demos and these have been viewed by MILLIONS of people around the world as well as sharing viral graphics, images and videos on social media. He is home to his Family… and it’s great news!!!

We ask our readers not to buy these Newspapers that criticise Tommy and instead find alternative outlets, such as ours, that don’t have the bias and agenda of the big corporations and the establishment.

If you are able to chip in to help us continue to report the TRUTH that the BIAS media ignore then please:

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