Belgium BANS un-stunned Halal and Kosher slaughter!

A Belgium region has joined a growing number of places to ban un-stunned religious slaughter, however Jewish and Muslim groups say it violates EU law of freedom of religion.

The northern region of Flanders is the first in Belgium to implement the ban and will be followed by the southern region of Wallonia this September. 

The European Jewish Congress was outraged by the ban saying that this is
 ‘the greatest assault on Jewish religious rights since Nazi occupation’. 

Islamic halal and Jewish kosher rituals both require that butchers slaughter the animal by slitting its throat and draining the blood, under the new law animals will have to be stunned before being killed, there is a consensus among animal rights campaigners that this is a more humane way of killing the animals.

Both Belgium’s Muslim and Jewish communities have expressed their opposition to the law stating that the animal must be in ‘perfect health’ before being slaughtered.

In January 2018, several powerful religious organisations filed lawsuits in order to stop the new legislation, these included the Belgian Federation of Jewish Organizations, the European Jewish Congress and the World Jewish Congress, they are hoping the pressure from the lawsuits will see the ban lifted which they argue violates freedom of religion under EU law.

Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and New Zealand already prohibit un-stunned slaughter other nations like Slovenia have banned religious slaughter all together, and a growing number now require pre or post cut stunning.

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  1. Unfortunately the UK is so under the control of the Jews in Israel that David Cameron promised the Knesset in March 2014 that Khosher slaughter would not be banned ‘on his watch’. Cameron of course had a Jewish financier Grandfather which means that he is Jewish under Jewish law. Funnily enough George Osborne also has a Jewish Grandmother and their Labour opponent in the 2015 GE was Ed Milliband who is of course Jewish. According to the 2011 census Jews make up just 0.4% of the UK population.

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