BREAKING: Yellow Vest Activist James Goddard ARRESTED!

According to Unity News Networks sources, yellow vest activist James Goddard has been arrested by metroplitien police as he exited St. James Park underground station in London.

Eyewitnesses told UNN how a scuffle and shouting ensued before Mr. Goddard was arrested and carted off by officers as he tried exited St. James Park underground station.

James Goddard.
Yellow vests confront Anna Soubry MP.

The arrest is said to be in connection with comments recently made to Anna Soubry as she and another MP’s have called on tighter security around the Houses of Parliment after she was confronted by a group of Yellow Vest activist on several occasions.

Their is a LIVE streams on social media from Cllr Ryan Macpherson regarding the issue on a Facebook page called Pro Great Britain.

Cllr Ryan Macpherson slammed the arrest of Mr. Godarrd saying that it was “completely political”.

Cllr Macpherson said 4 to 8 officers dragged him Mr Goddard away and through him in the back of a police wagon.

A yellow vest protest is today underway in central London with hundreds of activists on the streets, some activists accused police of using nasty tactics to arrest Mr. Goddard to stop the yellow vest protest building momentum.

Unity News Network will be updating the story with LIVE updates as they come in.




  1. This is just like any other totalitarian state, arrest the leading protesters thus scaring the rest into not protesting. If he is charged then we must all make complaints against every lefty and politicians who have called the Brexiters Nazis and Fachist. The law should stand the same on ALL sides of the political spectrum.

    1. The person on the right wearing the baseball cap confronting sour be is the one people are saying is an undercover policeman/stooge

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