Brexit BOMBSHELL as Theresa May CRUMBLES under pressure!

Prime Minister Theresa May has called off a vote on her Brexit deal over fear she does not have the support of the majority in the house of commons. 

The British Prime Minister said she was calling off the vote because it  
“would be rejected by a significant margin”.

Speaker of the house, John Bercow who chairs the debates in the House of Commons has called on the government to give MPs a vote on whether Tuesday’s vote should be cancelled, he claimed it was “right and obvious” thing to do given how furious some MPs were about the cancellation of the vote.

In her statement Mrs May said she would be “deferring” the Commons vote until she had made efforts to address concerns over the Northern Ireland border “backstop” plan.

Mrs May said she will be “looking closely at new ways of empowering the House of Commons to ensure that any provision for a backstop has democratic legitimacy”.

Prime Minister May has rejected all alternatives to her deal including a second so called ‘people vote’ on the outcome. 

“It gives us control of our borders, our money and our laws. It protects jobs, security and our Union. It is the right deal for Britain,

I am determined to do all I can to secure the reassurances this House requires, to get this deal over the line and deliver for the British people.

Prime Minister Theresa May

DUP leader Arlene Foster said she had told the prime minister in a phone call that the “backstop must go”.

Just finished a call with the Prime Minister. My message was clear. The backstop must go. Too much time has been wasted. Need a better deal. Disappointed it has taken so long for Prime Minister to listen.

DUP leader Arlene Foster 

Leader of the SNP and Scotland First minister twitter the labour party saying: “If Labour, as official opposition, lodges motion of no confidence in this incompetent government tomorrow, @theSNP will support & we can then work together to give people the chance to stop Brexit in another vote. This shambles can’t go on – so how about it?”

Conservative Remainer Anna Soubry said on Twitter: “PM said there’d be no General Election and there was. PM said there’d definitely be a vote tomorrow and there won’t be. PM said there definitely won’t be a People’s Vote. Get ready People’s Vote, taking this matter back to the people is the only way out of this Brexit chaos.”


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