British People FIGHTBACK as petition against Mass Immigration ROCKETS!!!

In just under two weeks the United Nations is convening a secretive meeting in Marrakech, Morocco.They are meeting to create a new “human right” for foreign migrants to come to the United Kingdom and other countries around the world who sign up to the pact.

However the British people aren’t sitting back and accepting this. When we first published our article and YouTube video last week only around 35,000 people had signed but thanks to a concerted effort by every sane person across the UK it has now rocketed to well over 110,000 signatures meaning that Parliament MUST debate this:

The full name of the agreement is the “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration: Intergovernmentally Negotiated and Agreed Outcome”. This turns mass immigration into a human right.
Countries choosing not to sign it having confirmed, or indicating they are rethinking signing, are Australia, Poland, Israel, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Croatia all following the United States’ lead in withdrawing.

The pact seeks to normalise mass, illegal immigration forever under the auspices of the UN. This would lead usto believe that Britain’s ruling Conservative Party, having made pledges to reduce immigration “from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands” in the 2010, 2015, and 2017 general election manifestos, would be against it but it so far appears that they are not!

There are very good reasons to conclude that the UK will indeed sign the UN Migration Compact as there has been no discussion on the approval of it by the government in July this year. Perhaps this is to avoid a crisis such as was in Belgium, yet it seems it has been silently agreed upon.

Migration Watch UK, lead by British peer Lord Green of Deddington, has said of the pact having submitted two parliamentary questions to the government this week:

“The UK Government should make it clear that it will not sign… If they have any regard for their election promises it would be entirely hypocritical to do so.”

He requested information on whether, and how, the globalist pledge to ease and “enhance” migration would fit with the Conservatives’ long-standing promise to bring it under control and reduce it.

Vice-chairman of Migration Watch UK, Alp Mehmet, has said of the pact:

“The Compact appears to have been drafted by diplomats whose aim seems to be to ‘normalise’ mass immigration from the developing world to the West at a time when the public are very clear that they find the scale and pace of such flows to be unsustainable and unacceptable.”

In September President Trump said from the UN New York headquarters that “Migration should not be governed by an international body unaccountable to our own citizens.

Ultimately, the only long-term solution to the migration crisis is to help people build more hopeful futures in their home countries: make their countries great again.”

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According to the UN Declaration:

The compact aims to mitigate the adverse drivers and structural factors that hinder people from building and maintaining sustainable livelihoods in their countries of origin;
intends to reduce the risks and vulnerabilities migrants face at different stages of migration by respecting, protecting and fulfilling their human rights and providing them with care and assistance;
seeks to address the legitimate concerns of states and communities, while recognizing that societies are undergoing demographic, economic, social and environmental changes at different scales that may have implications for and result from migration;
strives to create conducive conditions that enable all migrants to enrich our societies through their human, economic and social capacities, and thus facilitate their contributions to sustainable development at the local, national, regional and global levels.




  1. EU doing the underhand trick to offset our supposed control of our own borders. I am guessing by the time the transition of brexit is finished that part of our deal will be illegal for us to implement down to “Human rights”. What about our human rights? Who in their right mind would want to be part of this sham of an organisation. being part of this club has seen 2018 wages have the value in real terms of 2008 spending power. The EU is crippling us . Is it really that hard to work out dealing with 200 nations is far better than to deal with 27 uncooperative ones?

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