British Veteran who ‘took his own life’ has nobody to attend his funeral

A campaign is underway to get as many attending the funeral of a British military veteran who took his own life.

Yeovil Crematorium.

Stewart. R. Kingdom, said to be from Crewkerne, served with the Royal Army Medical Corps, but sadly died recently, when it emerged that the hero had no-one to go to his funeral ex-army and forces personnel started to plan, they started a campaign to get as many people as possible to the gentleman’s funeral as possible with ex-forces personnel planning to attend his send-off  “en masse”.

Andy Cowie, a local veteran involved with the campaign, said:

“Stewart hasn’t got many friends or family to attend his funeral, so a load of ex army and forces personnel will be turning up en masse.

Stewart had PTSD, and he took his own life, which sadly happens a lot more than you might expect.

Us forces guys tend to clam up. We all have a kevlar exterior, but really inside we are molten chocolate.

We are just looking to get as many people as possible to turn up to his funeral at Yeovil Crematorium on December 20.

Yeovil British Legion and other local military organisations have been made aware.

We are probably expecting around 30 people at the moment, but we want it to be many more.

There is a young girl in the area that knew Stewart, and I know there are people in the area that have been to school with him but haven’t seen him for 30 or 40 years.”

Ex-serviceman Andy Cowie, involved in the campaign.

On Facebook, veterans charity, All Call Signs wrote:

“Sadly Mr Stewart. R. Kingdom, who served with the Royal Army Medical Corps, has taken his own life after a battle with PTSD.

Stewart will make his final journey to the FRV at Yeovil Crematorium at 3.20pm on December 20.

Sadly no-one can find any living family members so we are asking for any veterans to attend to give Stewart the best possible send-off.”

All Call Signs

An article was brought to the attention of Unity News Network from a concerned member of the British public who said: “can you please help with this. no veteran should be laid to rest without someone there.”

Unity News Network wholeheartedly agrees with the comments made and thinks no ex-forces serviceman should have no-one at their funeral, this is why we are calling on any of our readers who stay in Somerset and the surrounding areas to attend this gentleman’s funeral and give him the send of he deserves, the Crewkerne branch of the Royal British Legion state that the funeral timings have now been changed to Friday, December 21 at 2.40pm.


  1. I am Sorry I cannot attend but I have a family Funeral in Sussex that day.
    I will say a prayer for this poor soul, Bless His Heart Always x

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