Child PREDATOR molested two young girls after LURING them to his bedroom to see his cats

Adam Saleem was told he faced an ‘inevitable’ prison sentence after being found guilty of two counts of sexual assault, the court heard he lured two young girls into his bedroom after offering to show them his pet cats.

Saleem was a former Army intelligence officer and IT consultant, Adam is based at Hale Barns House guest house on Hasty Lane, Hale Barns, Trafford. Adam denied two counts of sexual assault but was found guilty by a jury after a trial at Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court, however he has dodged prison at the moment and has been released on bail until his sentencing. 

Father-of-three Saleem, who the court heard had been a figure people looked up to at his local mosque, denied any wrongdoing.

He told the jury: “The parents were sorting out their room and I left my room open in case they needed something. I dozed off and I became aware the children had come into my room and were stroking the cats. A few moments later their father came into the room and apologised to me for them disturbing me and he took the children out. I did not touch the children in any way. I am completely innocent.”

Nicola Gatto, prosecuting, told the jury: “During the holiday and afterwards the parents noticed a change in their daughter and described her as being very emotional and clingy and didn’t speak about their holiday upon their return. They were quite concerned about her.

(Later that year) the father watched a film which had an impact on him about a child that had gone missing. He spoke to his daughters, alongside his wife, and said if they were ever worried about anything, they could talk to him. The eldest daughter told her sister that she had to tell someone, and then said that the defendant was not a nice man.”

Police interviewed one of the youngsters but the court heard that the second victim was too young for officers to speak to.

In a statement, the older of the two sisters said: “He’s got three cats so we went into his room, my older sister and my little sister and me.

We went into the room and he offered if we wanted to see the cats so we went in and my older sister, she went to stroke the cats on the other side of the room and then he started to touch us.

I felt too scared to say anything but then my dad came in. He didn’t know what happened. It went on for around 50 seconds.

He just kept doing it and doing it.

I was just scared and he did the same thing to my sister. We were chasing the cats and he offered if we wanted to come into his room as he had a lot of cats.”

Saleem was ordered to sign the sex offender register and banned from allowing children into his guest house. His sentencing will take place on September 28.

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