Claims of MASSIVE international fraud by U.K. establishment!

During my time as Editor-in-Chief of Unity News Network, I have never been asked to research into something so much as ‘788-790 Finchley Road’ the first thing I stumbled across while looking into the address was a man called Gordon Bowden’s website.

Mr Bowden’s website claims that he has uncovered a massive global asset-stripping £multi-billion money-laundering operation on an industrial scale, it claims some of the most powerful and famous people in the United Kindom including MPs, Lords, Knights, Dames, celebrities and sportsmen are behind the fraud.

Gordon Bowden outside 788-790 Finchley Road, London.

Gordon is a retired ex-RAF Gen Tech Engineer and that he served for 12 years with Distinction before becoming a mining engineer in South Africa who got involved in researching 788-790 Finchley Road when his partner Val (along with 800 other people) was caught in a £13.8m scam operation that even their financial advisor wasn’t aware of. Val had lost  $50,000, however, Gordon wasn’t going to let this go without a fight.

Gordon’s website reads:

Gordon is not shy in letting people know that he is a retired ex-RAF Gen Tech Engineer and that he served for 12 years with Distinction before becoming a mining engineer in South Africa. He met his current partner (Valerie Simmons) in South Africa after he had a divorce. Val had just become a widow after her late husband died of cancer and wanted to invest some of the money that was given to her in the will. An independent financial advisor friend suggested that she put the money into a capital venture scheme that would give her a return on her investment within a few months. So, she invested $50,000 into the scheme and waited to see what happened.

After a few months of not seeing any money coming in she showed Gordon the forms that she filled-in, and within a few minutes of checking these through Gordon became suspicious and went back to the financial advisor. It transpired that Val (along with 800 other people) had been caught in a £13.8m scam operation that even the financial advisor wasn’t aware of. Val had lost all of her $50,000, but Gordon wasn’t going to let this go without a fight.

Being an engineer, he wants to know how things work and is very proud of the fact that he is able to dismantle an engine or a component, find out about all the intricacies of the machine to see where a problem is, and then put it back together again. So, with that philosophy in mind, he went to work to find out more about who was behind this scam to see if he could get justice for Val and everyone else that had lost money in this scam, and like the motto of the 16 Squadron that he worked for at RAF Laarbruch was ‘Operta Aperta’, Latin for “Hidden things will be revealed.”

What was revealed to Gordon was astounding, and made him physically sick because, you see, he felt betrayed by his own country…the one that had put all his trust in for.

He traced back the route of the crime back to an address in Britain – 788-790 Finchley Road, London. NW11 7TJ.

This address is an unassuming office with dirty net blinds on a busy high street in a pre-dominantly Jewish part of North London.  It doesn’t look like much from the outside. In fact, the office is currently up for rent via the Martyn Gerrard estate agent group of companies. What’s more important, however, is that 788-790 Finchley Road has over 209,000 fake oil, gas and mining companies registered at the address, including 25,000 by one octogenarian called Barbara Kahan alone! How can a frail old lady have so many companies registered in her name I ask you? Barbara Kahan even had the Martyn Gerrard group of companies registered at the address. You couldn’t make this up.

Gordon Bowden delivered a speech to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice where he exposed that senior MPS including  Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair are involved.

Mr Bowden handed all his evidence into the BBC however they refused to respond to him, he now runs a Facebook group with over 1,300 members, the group is called ‘gordon bowden 788 – 790 finchley road pandoras box’.

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  1. Where is the justice in this country.. who really control the police and judicial system??. Tony Blair is a war criminal and a fruadster.. not to mention Amber Rudd and all the other lords and Dames who launder money through fake companies.. why isn’t this being broadcast on MSM?.. how many people in power have their hands in this filthy business???.

    1. Strange, BBC also given evidence of iliegal activity in Local Government – also no action. Are we saying the BBC, as a public body, maybe corrupt?

  2. Laughing stock to world BEST OF BRITAIN so much CORUPTION IS there any wonder why the E U don’t want BREXIT . ITS HOW BRITAIN GOT INVOLEVED IN THE FIRST PLACE Ted Heath and all his cover ups sickening .

  3. There are plenty of videos on YouTube about the New World Order and the secret societies being behind all this. Bilderbergers, Freemasons,Jesuits, Catholic church etc. they are all connected and behind worldwide fraud, corruption, child-trafficking (including torture and murder), NWO, Agenda 21 and on and on. They are satanists, literally.

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