Clapping banned at University of Manchester so as not to cause ‘ANXIETY’

Clapping has been banned at Students’ Union events at the University of Manchester in an attempt to stop triggering anxiety in students, instead, they have been encouraged to use so-called ‘jazz-hands’ to express their support for fellow students.

The move has been met with criticism from prominent political activist and journalists including Tommy Robinson. Taking to his Facebook account Mr. Robinson posed the question “What has happened to our next generation? Being brainwashed in PC culture at school.”

This move has faced criticism from all sides of the political spectrum with one commenter saying: “100 years ago the noise from the trenches could be heard 200 miles away. That’s anxiety-inducing noise. We’re a generation away from being a civilization of fairies.”

Another woman whose son is on the autistic spectrum said “My son has autism, debilitating anxiety & sensory issues & he doesn’t agree with this. Life is & will always be unpredictable & he knows he’s going to be in uncomfortable situations every time he walks out of our front door.”

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