FEARLESS FARAGE has just DESTROYED Sturgeon and the SNP!

Is he the best politician in the UK?

Nigel Farage has slammed the SNP after the Scottish Parliament Refused consent for Westminster’s Brexit bill, MSPs voted by 93 to 30 that Holyrood “does not consent to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill”.

Scotland’s Brexit secretary, Mike Russell said: “The Scottish Parliament has now said overwhelmingly that this attempt to undermine devolution is unacceptable. The UK government cannot ignore the reality of devolution or try to drown out what this parliament says. They cannot pretend that no motion has been passed.”

Mr Farage responded in his usual outstanding way on his LBC show : “I have to say that… Nicola Sturgeon, remarkable isn’t it really, she didn’t accept the result of the 2014 Scottish referendum and by the way, they called it an independence referendum, what a misnomer! They never wanted independence they wanted to leave, go away from Westminster but still be part of the European Union. So it was really a referendum on separation, not independence, she doesn’t accept that result and thinks perhaps they should vote again and then in 2016 with a national referendum on leaving the European Union she doesn’t accept that result either.”

He continued: “Is it any wonder that the SNP who did reach it has to be said some very very giddy electoral heights, that now actually they are on the way down. I frankly think the Prime Minister should be a little bit firmer about this, let’s tell the Scottish parliament where to go, otherwise, we have the devolution dog. The tail is going to be wagging and that would be a mistake in my view. “

Unity News Opinion: The British Government should ignore the vote in the Micky Mouse parliament & focus on getting the United Kingdom out of the European Union, does the Scottish parliament forget that over one million Scottish people voted for Brexit? We need someone to speak up for the over a million Scots who voted for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to be a free and independent nation, the forgotten voices of Scotland.









  1. Dear Nigel Farage, Ms Sturgeon says she wants independence but of course wants to stay in the EU thus in a few words commits a major lie to the Scottish people. Why would she wish to be part (tied to) of a foreign power that is run by unelected people who will dictate initially (after they complete their project and become a State, it will 100% of EU laws) the majority of laws and they would have zero say, thus, what is independent of that. Of course the TRUTH is she needs a currency and she needs someone to bail the country out when she finds out it’s impossible to run her socialist Utopia on so little income and income that will continue to decline as she panics and raises taxes year after year to try and pay for her fantasy economics as the companies who did not leave in the beginning leave to avoid total disaster. Of course the wealthy are highly mobile so they will leave to. I fear for my birth country if the Scots were naive enough to give her a majority.

    1. You are way off the mark. I don’t think there is one part of your comment that is factually correct. Once Scotland is independent you will find out just how much the UK depends on Scotland and how misinformed formed you are.

      1. Absolute rubbish. Out of the UK out of the EU. Welcome to a third world very poor country. You are as deluded as Sturgeon. Scotland relies on handouts from Westminster and the EU due to the amount of taxpayers money wasted by this divisive incompetent SNP.

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