Headteacher THREATENS pupils over Tommy Robinson SUPPORT!

Citizen Journalist & activist Tommy Robinson has taken to his ever booming Facebook Page to expose what he calls ‘Fascist Education’ after a Headteacher set up an anti-bullying board for pupils to write on. The pupil in question then dared to write that they supported Tommy Robinson and the Headteacher went on a witchhunt after the pupil in what Tommy describes as bullying!

Tommy said:

This just underlines how our education system has been infiltrated by far-left fascists.

Birchgrove Comprehensive School (@birchgrovecomp) in Swansea has a board in the school for anti-bullying week where pupils have the opportunity to write who they respect.

I have been informed by a number of different pupils at the school that someone kindly wrote I respect Tommy Robinson because he stands up for the British public. Surely pupils are allowed to have free thought and opinion?

Not according to Andrew Owen the Head teacher. He lost his shit with all the children. He said whoever wrote that better march straight to his office immediately. If no one admitted it then he would effectively scan CCTV and track down the child who dared to have an opinion that was different to his.

He then threatened to notify the police and informed the pupils they would be placed on the list with people who are suspected terrorists, it will ruin their future and they will be unable to get a job. Bullying children about a board that is supposed to support anti bullying, what a disgrace!

I don’t know about you but If my child was attending Birchgrove Comprehensive School run by someone displaying Fascist bullying and threatening tactics against the pupils, I would make a complaint, just saying.

Tommy is gearing up for a trip to Australia along with Gavin Mciness, founder of The Proud Boys, where they will speak at a number of venues in cities as ‘The Deplorables’. We will continue to bring you all the latest on Tommy and his upcoming tour.

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  1. TOMMY STANDS FOR WHAT MOST OF US BELIEVE IN, THERE IS A GROWING ARMY OF PEOPLE WHO NOW SUPPORT TOMMY ROBINSON, and as for that Idiot head teacher, i would not want my child at that school, someone needs to tell him that he is the BULLY.

  2. This is what is a huge part of the problem. A huge number of teaching staff, be it in schools, colleges or universities, are extreme left, socialist idiots. And they are drilling their idiotic ideologies into our kids heads on a daily basis. All across our country and the USA it’s the same. If my child was in this school and this is how the head teacher acts, I wouldn’t just complain, I’d remove my child from it. To threaten a child in such a manner, comparing him to terrorists as such, is totally not on and a disgrace. I hope parents at the school feel the same.

    1. To right teachers and schools are for education they don’t own the children keep your political believes to yourself or get out of working with jo public who do these people think they are I’m so glad my children are grown up and out of this education system

  3. Parents must ask and listen to what their children are being taught at school ,some teachers use their lessons to influence the children to their way of thinking,this intimidating,bullying teacher? must be disciplined or sacked,the young boy who supported Tommy Robinson showed he has courage and the confidence to speak his own thoughts,this should be encouraged in children to make up their own mind ,not just agree with everyone else, I hope he is congratulated for what he did.

  4. Parents can fix this problem. Parents of the school stand up, march ‘straight’ into that head teacher
    ‘S office and announce your support of any child who is strong and brave enough to have a difference of opinion. Furthermore, the head teacher should released.

    Britain is for lions, not sheep.

  5. So ACCORDING to this biased head teacher children aren’t allowed an opinion unless its in agreement with his , this is how Antifa operate as well isnt it ??? If i had kids at this school i think id be asking a few questions : like when is the replacement headmaster arriving ??

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