HORRIFIC case of abuse as 18 year old MUSLIM girl forced by parents to prove VIRGINITY!

Mitra Eidani, 42, and Ali Safaraei, 56, made their daughter undertake a virginity test and threatened to murder their teenage daughter Sophia and her boyfriend – telling her she would be sent “back to Iran to marry a cousin”.

The couple had taken the 18-year-old to the doctor’s for the test – but the GP refused after the teen said she did not want to be examined.

The young woman told the court how her parents come home early and found her with her white boyfriend: “We panicked because we didn’t expect it to happen so I had no choice but to tell him to go on the roof. We were both scared, we didn’t know what to expect and obviously it would be a shock for my mum.”

The court heard that when the family returned home, the mother became extremely angry and bit her daughter before her father came upstairs holding a knife and a pair of scissors.

Speaking from behind a screen, Sophia told jurors: “My father then came into my room armed with a big kitchen knife and said you have to get checked.¬†They were saying if I’m a virgin why can’t you prove it? What are you scared of?”

The Prosecutor said: “Her father came up to the room shouting at her angrily, telling her that he would kill her and insisting that he and his wife should take Sophia to the doctor so that it could be checked whether she was still a virgin.”

The young girl was also told that she was disowned and would be taken to Iran to marry a cousin.
The court heard that the parents also went to the teen boyfriend’s work and suggested “that they, as Muslim people, were dangerous”, the court was told.

The Father met and confronted the boyfriend saying: “Don’t come near my daughter again. I don’t want you communicating with her or anything like that. ‘how can she be with someone like you’?”

The boyfriend said of the parents:

She went on to say that she is a Muslim and her husband is a Muslim and ‘you have seen what our people do on the news and stuff, we’re dangerous people, be careful’.

Her husband was more angry than she was and he was going to kill me and that there would be a shadow around me and they might come back the next day with someone else.

I was really quite scared, nervous, it shook me a bit when I was trying to do my job.
I believe I was just saying ‘alright’ most of the time because I was not trying to do anything to make her more angry or say anything else or create a scene in the store.He came up to me and was like, was I the one that was in his house? I was like yes, I made a big mistake and I apologise. He didn’t really address the apology.

He just kept asking me what had happened in there and that he had CCTV in his house just to, I guess, play mind games so I would say what happened. He said he was going to keep coming back and at the right place and at the right time that he would kill me.”

Sophia reported the alleged abuse on May 18 at Wimbledon police station.

Safaraei and Eidiani, both of Clapham, South London, deny two counts of controlling or coercive behaviour and one count of making a threat to kill.


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