Reports on Social media are surfacing of a huge Protest currently taking outside Leeds crown court in support for Tommy Robinson who has been imprisoned for 13 months.

It is being live streamed across several social media accounts showing large-scale protests where there is significant anger over the way Tommy has been treated. The crowds have been chanting ‘shame on you’ towards the Police among many other things!

Activist & journalist Tommy Robinson was reporting outside Leeds Crown Court on a trial of men accused of running a grooming gang. In a video posted online, Tommy was then surrounded by Police, arrested and put in the back of a van. It was said he was being arrested for ‘Breach of the Peace’. What has since transpired has caused incredible shock and anger across social media and the world and people have taken to the streets to protest.

The backlash from the British public and around the world is unprecedented with many saying that the British people will no longer accept these attacks on freedom of speech.

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  1. When informed that Tommy would likely be murdered in jail, “Judge” Geoffrey Marson, QC, is said to have replied, “well, he knew what he was letting himself in for”. We can only speculate if “Judge” Geoffrey Marson QC realises what he has let himself in for.

    1. If true what he,the judge did sayis true and anything does happen to Tommy,is the taxpayer going to have to fork out protection for the judge and his family just speculating!!!

    1. You mean nothing? He willfully broke the conditions of a suspended sentence for contempt of court and pleaded guilty. There’s literally nothing to see.

      1. I guess it makes it easy to do nothing when you believe lies, Craig. It’s how most of the world lives now. Go back to sleep.

        1. Craig, people like you are the reason the establishment get away with this erosion of rights, but only it would seem if they perceive you as a threat.

      2. Snowflake he pleaded guilty on advice of the in experance solicitor appoint to represent him at the 15 minute kangaroo Court who told him to expect a slap on the wrist,

      3. So you’re happy that freedom of speech and child rape can continue unreported in Britain? If it was your child would you be so gutless not to open your mouth in protest?

      4. Craig your totally wrong as Tommy’s suspended sentence conditions said INSIDE A COURT. He was actually outside and if you listen to the video of his arrest Tommy is heard clearly asking the Police “am I ok here” to which they reply “yes”. The judge has already admitted he did not watch the tape. He was only in court 3 minutes he did not have his legal team there and NO plea was asked for. The arrest is illegal !

  2. There is no link at the above referenced link to be able to sign the petition. It and the comments have been blocked by UK parliament.

  3. People should be protesting outside the home address of the sentencing judge, that way the judge can have a tiny glimpse into what a massive can of worms he has opened with his smug, privileged bias towards the left.

  4. Pandora’s box is open … Tommy Robinson was speaking up
    for the many young people who were groomed in cities in this country . Damaged by grooming gangs .He has highlighted real concerns on freedom of speech .something this country has always protected .The freedom to discuss those serious issues and for the right for the British public to be informed . Free Tommy Robinson .

  5. I watched the whole of Tommy’s reporting, live. He was simply walking up and down the street and commenting on the case. Clearly he was unhappy and extremely mad at what had happened to these young women and children and commented accordingly. He spoke to several of the apparent defendants, one of them barged into him. Another hurled abuse and foul language at him. He asked the police if he was OK being there, they said yes. He is then arrested and given 13 months in jail, all in the space of a few hours. This whole issue is reprehensible and highlights that there is an anti democratic, deep state cabal, alive and well in the UK.

  6. The british people should free Tommy and then remove all the traitors from your government by force if necessary! Greetings from Hungary to all patriots over there!

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