Hungary President Orban “I must FIGHT Macron!”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said he regards embattled French President Emmanuel Macron to be the leader of Europe’s “pro-immigration forces,” so in turn he “must fight him.”

According to Reuters News Agency he told a press conference today:

There is no denying that Emmanuel Macron is an important figure, moreover, the leader of the pro-immigration forces.

It is nothing personal, but a matter of our countries’ future. If what he wants with regards to migration materializes in Europe, that would be bad for Hungary, therefore I must fight him.

Orbán also slammed Angela Merkel on Immigration saying he doubted “any compromise possible” with Germany on migration, despite what he described as “constant pressure” from Berlin on his country to take in immigrants.

Orban thundered: “German politics does not respect Hungarians’ decision not to become an immigrant nation. I sense especially from the German media, sometimes in a very gross way, that they exert pressure on us to follow them on their path [of admitting immigrants], and we do not wish to.”

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