Islamic Extremist Anjem Choudary to be freed in WEEKS despite warnings he is ‘DANGEROUS’

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary, who is accused of moulding the mind of countless terrorists in the U.K. including the three London Bridge terrorists, is set to be released from Prison.

Choudary will be released from jail next month despite the Government’s warnings he is still a “dangerous person”.

Anjem Choudary, described as Great Britain’s most hated man, was jailed in September 2016 for five-and-a-half years for telling his followers to pledge support to the so-called Islamic State.

Anjem Choudary currently incarcerated for encouraging and inspiring Islamic terrorism.

The Government claimed on Tuesday that it does not have the power to stop Mr Choudary’s release on licence, as he is now midway through his sentence.

Prisons Minister Rory Stewart warned that he remains “a deeply pernicious, destabilising influence”.

Mr Stewart said: “He is somebody that I would put into the category I have just mentioned. Somebody who was not given a sentence of enormous length but somebody who is a genuinely dangerous person. We will be watching him very, very carefully.”

The current system allows prisoners serving determinate sentences of over two years to be automatically released after completing half their sentence.

They spend the rest of their sentence on licence in the community, effectively making it much easier to put them behind bars again should they commit another offence.

After dodging the law for 20 years Choudary was incarcerated at the Old Bailey in 2016 after pledging allegiance to ISIS and encouraging others to do the same.

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