Jacob Rees- Mogg SLAMS fellow Tories saying act NOW before its too late!

Jacob Rees- Mogg was today speaking at an event held by the pro-Brexit group Global Britain where he has urged fellow Conservatives, who are swithering about putting in a letter to the 1922 committee, to act now before it is too late as it risks splitting the Tory Party.

Mr Rees-Mogg also admitted that the threshold of 48 letters might not be reached for some time: “Patience is a virtue, virtue is a grace. We will see what letters come in due time. Do 47 want to come with me or not? I may find that they don’t or they don’t do it today but when we get the meaningful vote. That’s a decision for them.”

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Asked whether it might prove tricky to oust May in a full confidence vote given the group were struggling to secure 48 names, he said few of his colleagues wanted the prime minister to continue to lead the party into 2022. He went on to warn that this could see the Conservative Party split asunder. He also explained how if nothing is done then Theresa May will lead the Tories into the next election.

Basically, if there is a vote of confidence it is not just for a year. Getting the 48 letters has shown to be quite difficult, so the idea that in a year you just repeat the process and then she would go at that point I don’t think that is realistic.

I think it is now or the prime minister will lead the Conservatives into the next election. You find MPs privately who will say to you they think that is a really good idea in any number and I would be quite surprised.”

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