Juncker SLAMS Brexit voters in another OUTRAGEOUS attack!

Cotroversial, unelected EU Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker announced today he would be “deeply sad” imagining his grandchildren’s lives if he were British, while maintaining that Brexit was the “wrong decision” made by British people.

Jean-Claude Juncker described Brexit as a “moment of sadness” saying he if he was British he would be “deeply sad.”

Speaking live from Brussels, Mr Juncker said:

I am very sad because seeing UK which is not something less than important is a moment of sadness.

We have reached the best possible deal for the UK and UE but I’m deeply sad. It’s the wrong decision taken by the British people.

This is the best deal we could have achieved but if I was a British citizen I would be deeply sad imagining the life of my grandchildren.”

Speaking after the EU approved the deal, the European Commission President was also asked by a Polish journalist what he thought about Polish Migrants in the UK and what they would feel.

Mr Juncker said: “I would be deeply sad. The Polish citizens must be frustrated. They had two homes, the nation, heart the home and they stay. I feel their frustration.”

This comes after Theresa May was in Brussels to be told that all other EU member states had accepted her extremely unpopular deal which she will now try and take to Parliament but it looks as though the deal will be voted down.

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has responded to Sunday’s summit by calling the deal “the worst of all worlds”. He said his party would oppose it, but would work with others “to block a no deal outcome” and ensure “a sensible deal” was on the table.

Former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith said he would find it “very, very difficult” to support the agreement as it stood on Sky News today saying: “I don’t believe that, so far, this deal delivers on what the British people really voted for. I think it has ceded too much control.”

Also Democratic Unionist leader Arlene Foster, who wants to leave the EU, said she would be prepared to look at her parliamentary deal with the Tories if the deal is passed which would lead to the collapse of the Conservative Government.

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