Labour MP RESIGNS after threatening to ‘smash journalist’s face in’

Labour’s ex-shadow international development secretary Kate Osamor has resigned after it is alleged she had a heated ‘bust-up’ with a journalist.

Osamor made her son Ishmael, 29, her senior communications officer in April 2016, however, he was caught with £2,500 worth of drugs at Bestival in Dorset last year and given a community sentence in October.

Kate Osamor has resigned.

She defended the decision to keep him in his job that earned him a nice salary of £50,000-a-year by saying she didn’t know about his drug crimes at the time, however, it has been revealed she lied, as Kate sent letters to a judge asking for leniency for her son.

Kate Osamor MP’s son Ishmael Osamor was convicted of trying to smuggle drugs into a music festival.


It is alleged that Ms Osamor told a reporter for The Times outside her house, that she “should have come down here with a bat and smashed your face in.”  It was reported that she then told him to “f**k off” before throwing a bucket of water over his head and phoning the police and accusing the journalist of stalking her.

Reporter Will Humphries said it was ‘one of the more interesting door knocks’ he’s ever done.

In a statement just released, Osamor said she was stepping down to “concentrate on supporting my family at this difficult time.”

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said:

“I have accepted Kate Osamor’s resignation and would like to thank her for her work as our shadow secretary of state for international development.

She brought a new dimension to the role by committing Labour to tackling global inequality as well as poverty as part of building a world for the many not the few.

I know Kate will take this time to support her family, work for her constituents and support our party’s efforts to rebuild Britain from the backbenches.”

Edmonton Labour Party also tweeted saying: “Kate we know you will continue to be a fantastic MP, sticking up for the people of Edmonton.”

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