Lily Allen in HUMILIATING climbdown over Calais Migrants comments!

Pop star Lily Allen has now admitted she was ‘ a moron and has apologised for her infamous “apology on behalf of the UK” when she visited the Calais refugee camp in 2016, saying she was “foolish” and “clumsy”  however Allen says she did so with “good intentions” in mind.

The 31-year-old singer said In the clip she said: “I apologise on behalf of my country, I’m sorry for what we’ve put you through.”

But in her new memoirs published this month, titled My Thoughts Exactly, she wrote:

It was a clumsy thing to say.

I wanted to say, ‘I’m sorry,’ and I wanted to acknowledge that I was part of the problem, and that we are all part of the problem if we don’t do more to help.

The words came out badly, and for that I felt foolish. I was embarrassed about putting it like that.

I can be a moron. But my intentions were straightforward and without any agenda. I just wanted to help, in whatever tiny way I could.”

She also wrote how online bullying had gone “off the charts” following her comments, Lily revealed how trolls even went as far as to target her children.


Speaking on Loose Women Allen told the programme: “A lot of the decisions that I made when my children were really, really small will have a lasting effect on them.

And if I don’t tell them the truth then they will internalise those feelings of neglect or whatever it was and I think that I’d rather that they know that it was mummy’s fault rather than think ‘it’s my fault’.”

Many on social media have commented that this appears to be yet more play acting and a cynical ploy by Allen in attempts to elicit even more sympathy and to sell books!

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