Why are the MAINSTREAM MEDIA not covering the fact a HUGE protest took place in London today?

No mention on BBC, ITV or SKY NEWS!

Today’s event was being streamed from countless different social media accounts and as you can see from the cover photo the event is massive. The official figures have not yet been realised but when you see the videos and photos you can’t see anything but people. It appears however a mainstream media blackout is in place.

Every single speaker attacked the government along with the political & media elite for closing down free speech and blocking free thinker’s voices from the mainstream media.


UKIP Leader Gerard batten attacked how people can be charged under hate crime laws for what someone may interpret as being offensive when most may not.

He said: “And now we have now this new concept of hate crime, Id like someone to explain to me what a love crime is, ALL CRIMES ARE HATEFUL, so what’s a hate Crime well let’s have a look for a definition shall we? Now if I quote you the public order act of 1986 it says just to give you a brief overview, nothing in the act prohibits or restraints the criticism, expression, discussion… etc of religions or beliefs. It seems to be telling you that you have the freedom to criticise belief systems and ideologies. But now look at the most recent police and crown prosecution service interpretation of that act.”

He then went on to read the act: “If someone does something that isn’t a criminal offence but the victim or anyone else believes it was motivated by prejudice or hate we would class this as a hate incident though what the perpetrator has done may not be against the law their reasons for doing it are, this mean it may be possible to charge them with an offence.”

“Just think about that for a minute, that someone can be charged with a criminal offence of expressing an opinion that isn’t a criminal offence, but because someone took offence against their opinion they can be charged”

We are still waiting to see if this will be broadcast on the BBC or ITV as if it was a Remain march or ‘anti-racism march’ with a few hundred in attendance it would have been the main headline!


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  1. Even Facebook is joining in on this blackout of what looks to have been a massive demo today shame it wasn’t advertised before it happened I would have been there I presume it was a demonstration against the government r its policies reference brexit ,immigration ,and its policies around race relations what ever it was about the way to address it is by open debate ,not by hiding it away

    1. It was advertised but obviously not by mainstream media and it was nothing to do with Brexit it was about Free Speech and the gradual removal of it when people speak out about Islam and Muslims.

    1. Why would they report on people having free speech to complain they don’t have free speech? They would look a bigger bunch of idiots than this lot.

      1. An awful lot of these speakers..or idiots as you seem to want to call them, have already had their free speech denied. Some have been vilified for ‘ hate crime’, removed from Twitter or FaceBook and even denied entry to the UK.
        They were even censored today…no one will report on news or viewpoints that MSM have decided are not worth listening to.
        So yes, free speech is definitely curtailed.

      2. Would appear to me that it’s the idiots that stayed home and watching their country being taken over by foreigner,Beve

    1. True, under the side banner “Far Right”

      1st line of review…
      Thousands marched through London under the banner of free speech on Sunday after Tommy Robinson, a former leader of the far-right English Defence League, was permanently banned from Twitter.

      Not biased at all….

        1. It’s idiots like you who completely ignore the elephant in the room that has sparked a rise in Far Right supporters. If people had spoken out to begin with and stopped all this anti free speech before it started, the right wing would not have gained so much popularity.

    2. It was not a far right march and if this is how it was painted then no wonder it wasn’t covered properly!! Funny how things that don’t suit people are “ far right” it’s a far right group that have called it this

      1. 6th May march was NOT ‘far’ anything – it was a straight down the middle honest march for our FREE SPEECH by the ordinary, every day folk of our beloved country. The Football Lads, the ex-Forces Veterans and families from all over the country. Thousands, upon thousands of good people who are sick and tired of the islamification of our country and not having the right to speak about the massive problem it is causing us all. Those who want to call the March ‘far right’, I have very important questions for you all – DO YOU WANT TO BE RULED BY ISLAM? DO YOU WANT TO LIVE UNDER SHARIA LAW? DO YOU WANT YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN TO SUFFER UNDER SUCH LAWS? – IF YOUR ANSWER IS ‘NO’ TO THESE QUESTIONS THEN DON’T VOTE A SINGLE MUSLIM INTO ANY OFFICE, WHETHER IT BE COUNCILS OR PARLIAMENT. STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. THEY ARE INFILTRATING EVERY WALK OF OUR LIVES, EVEN IN OUR SCHOOLS. IT HAS TO BE STOPPED AND WE HAVE TO HAVE THE RIGHT TO TALK ABOUT IT. – GOT IT NOW?

  2. It’s interesting that oddball political groups are always in favour of Free Speech.. Until the day they control the government.. Then things change…

    1. So Alex are you not in favour of freedom of speech then, if so whats your problem with this march and if not why not, you seem like freedom of speech is only ok if you agree with it, in which case you need to grow the f*ck up!!

  3. FLA an umbrella of “right wing football ultras” PMSL at that remark, for goodness sake whoever penned that report needs to get out more and maybe even meet some of these people!! They are fans of numerous clubs, men women and children who are sick of the msm labelling them as far right!! Strange how the troublemaking antifa gangs of thugs aren’t labelled as extreme far left, because that’s exactly what they are!

  4. MKT – Thompson For President 2020 Independent (APAP)
    We would like to see the Brits and EU stand up as men and round up these invaders and ship them back to their countries. I am not looking forward to having to send our military to round up this scourge and ship them back. Please take care of the problem and restore law and order.

    1. We would like to see fat bastard spams build their fuckin wall and stay behind it with that daft cunt they’ve elected as pwezzydent

  5. The’ truth movement’ is growing and the internet is providing some real intelligence that the media will always try to smother. All editors are ‘safe’ and controlled by the powerful rich and dark forces of ‘Political Intelligence’ of all World Governments. Ever since Lincoln’s assassination by the Union Government and Hitler’s and Stalin’s crimes their fratricidal murders have continued into modern times with increasing scale and frequency including Civil and Word wars on a v…ast scale. But stigmatic and ancient taboos of any culture protect them by using powerful superstitions indoctrinated through and from the excesses and evils of any ruling power. So the majority of people being relatively dearth of classical literature and true objectivity think it is safer to believe in their Government. Most people will fall in with what they have been programmed and adequately conditioned to believe. And in any case the truth is difficult and time consuming – its easier to repeat the lies and myths

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