Mayor of London Sadiq Khan demands SHOWDOWN with President Trump in London!

Will the Leader of the Free World meet him?

President Donald Trump is set to visit the United Kingdom this summer and London is expected to be locked down in order that he can meet with Theresa May and other senior UK leaders. The establishment and twitterati have called for large scale protests and these have been fully endorsed by Sadiq Khan. Khan has of course been involved in numerous twitter spats with the President and tensions are running high.

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Khan said just last week: “I think there will be protests, I speak to Londoners every day of the week and I think they will use the rights they have to express their freedom of speech.”

On BBC Radio 4 he has gone a step further and said he wants to meet with Trump when he is over but it is not to discuss the crime wave plaguing London or the need for a post-Brexit trade deal. Rather he wants to meet the President in order to lecture him on how he has made the USA a ‘hostile environment’ and to promote Islam and multi-culturalism!

Khan said in the interview he would tell Trump: “how diverse we are as a city and how that is a strength. Bearing in mind some of the things that President Trump has said about diversity, about those who follow my Islamic faith and about London, I would be more than happy to meet with President Trump.”

It is certainly going to get interesting!



  1. I note Khan stated Londoner’s have a right to free speech, what about the white people in the rest of Britain do they not have a say. Why should he met the man the world has waited for, he is no more important than any other Mayor in England. JUMPED UP PRICK

    1. The man obviously thinks he’s in charge of the country being the mayor of londanistan. The far East are laughing in amazement the UK has a Pakistani mayor of the capital city in the UK. But whilst more and more Muslims are allowed to flood the area what would one expect? London is quickly becoming a ghetto where in some parts English people would not dare go through threat of violence and this prick sadiq will constantly turn a blind eye to it without any reprisal. What a mess.

    2. Well said. This is the Khan who allowed and encouraged his community (the muslim community) to march on the streets of London waiving Hezbollah flags demonstrating against Israel.
      He can not reach the small toe of Donald Trump.

        1. You really are a backwards little moron aren’t you.
          Israel is a sovereign state surrounded by Terrorist states under Hama’s control.

    3. Khan is Mayor of a great city, full of people of all creeds and colours. A city that is going to have to spend millions on protecting the biggest arsehole in the western world! A racist, a sexist, a bully, and an arrogant fool. Why wouldn’t Khan confront him?

      1. Because Saddact Khant is a feckless moron who has lost control of London, why would President Trump give that jumped up prat Khant any kind of platform.
        Trump has more important people to meet.

      2. Your a obviously blind to the fact that trump was a democratically elected president of the greatest nation on earth , your entiltled to your misinformed dillusion but the fact remains millions of American people do not share your misguided views and millions of English who respect him for protecting his nation against the onslaught of islamification

        1. Thank you. I, along with many millions of others, love President Trump. The hatred and the disrespect that this man endures is neverending, yet he continues to fight on, against the evils surrounding him. I prayed for the best choice against the EVIL HILLARY CLINTON AND THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. My prayers were answered. GOD sent DONALD J. TRUMP, HIS ULTIMATE WARRIOR, to fight the battle. Great Britain Warriors, prayers up for you.

      3. You really are a stupid person, you only look at the small picture, open your eyes and look at the whole picture and you may then have the right to comment for the rest of the country! Britain is being invaded!!!!

      4. You must be a leftist snowflake you the ones who can’t listen to the truth. Every person who wants to cut immigration is a rascist. Go get a life you idiot.
        Can’t wait to see President Trump come to the UK. If only we had a prime minister with half of his brain this country would be great again.

      5. You are the arrogant fool! Ill informed, another that jumps on the band wagon with out engaging their brain!! Such a shame!!

  2. Can t understand why he thinks its his job to meet with the prisedent of the USA. He job is mayor of London not mayor of the UK. Thinking above his station.

  3. Who the hell does this jumped up little turd think he is, Londinistan is alrerady fu–ed, and all he is concerned with is flogging Wembley to his mossie mate, and kids eating burgers!!, what a joke.

  4. I am neither a fan nor hater of Donald Trump but I believe that US Citizens are entitled to elect anybody they want as President and (having seen the alternative option) I understand why they voted as they did.
    Now, despite the fact that I despise Sadiq Khan I believe that the ‘people currently living in London’* are entitled to elect anybody they want as Mayor, although I’d like to see far more stringent ID checks put in place for all UK elections ASAP.
    What I can’t understand is why anyone would think that the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth would want to raise the international profile of a man who, like his party leader, has shared many platforms with extremists who attempt to justify terrorist acts against UK public.

    * I used the phrase ‘people currently living in London’ rather than ‘Londoners’ because the majority of people that I would consider Londoners (who are of various colours, creeds & religions) no longer live in London.

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