Nigel Farage DESTROYS “out of touch” Globalist Macron over RIOTS!

Nigel Farage MEP has attacked the French President Emmanuel Macron on Fox News, criticising him for being “too busy” with virtue signalling to the world from Paris, he also condemned him as being “completely disconnected” from the “ordinary” citizens of France

Speaking on Fox business Mr Farage said:

It’s now more about an elite, out of touch, Macron.

The great globalist, the former investment banker who rarely seems to leave Paris, who spends more time virtue signalling to the world, whether it’s about global warming, whether it’s about his great belief in the free movement of people.

I think the message here is that if people feel that democracy doesn’t work anymore, that the people running them don’t understand their issues, then they’re tempted to turn towards direct action.

When you think about it, democracy is the safety valve that normally stops us going for violent street protests.

So this is all about democracy, and all the while the American people, whether they like Donald Trump or don’t like Donald Trump or in previous years with Obama, provided people have faith that the system, in the end, can deliver for them, they won’t do this.

But that’s the risk isn’t it.”

The protests started in the backlash against a rise in fuel taxes and rising living costs but have expanded into a civic uprising aiming it anger towards Mr Macron and the French government, the chaos has seen 263 people injured, including 23 police officers, and 412 arrests.

Paris police chief Michel Delpuech on Sunday condemned the Paris riots as unprecedented, unacceptable violence.

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