Nigel Farage DESTROYS Theresa May over SELL-OUT Brexit!

Nigel Farage got into a heated debate with a caller who phoned in during the Nigel Farage show on LBC to tell of how he felt sorry for Mrs May, however, Mr Farage feeling no sympathy reminded the caller that PM May did not become the Prime Minister “against her will”.

Nigel Farage on his LBC show.

The caller, named Regina, told Mr Farage on his LBC radio show:

I feel desperately sorry for Mrs May and I know people are going to be screaming at their radio, but the poor woman was dumped in the middle of it all, and I just feel, it’s not just her, she’s got a band of ministers who quite frankly are a load of bullies.

All those men at the EU, there were very few women and I’m not a feminist particularly, but I just feel desperately sorry for the woman. She is doing her best, and as she is Prime Minister it is our duty to stand behind her and it’s all been done now, thank goodness for that.

Let us stand behind her and I’m sure she will do the best the she possibly can. I know you disagree with me.”

Mr Farage, however, did not share Regina’s concerns, responding to her comments he said:


I would say this to you, Regina, you say she has been dumped into this. She wasn’t a conscript, she wasn’t put in as Prime Minister against her will, she chose to do this.

I mean the difficulty is this, she’s trying to please everybody. Philip Hammond made that very clear yesterday.

She wants to please Leavers and she wants to please Remainers, and in doing so, I think she’s signing up to a sort of halfway house never never land, which really doesn’t make anybody very happy.

There’s been a bit of polling out over the last 24 hours conducted by Lord Ashcroft, and when people are asked do they believe that the Brexit deal agreed between the Government and the European Union honours the result of the referendum, you know, we find really astonishing.

Amongst Conservative voters, it’s down to about 15%, 64% of voters thinks her deal does not honour the result, 40% of Labour voters thinks her deal does not honour the result.

Had she gone for a clean Brexit 52% of the country would have said hurray. At the moment, her figures are dire.

The comments come as European Union leaders approve the UK’s Brexit deal after a short meeting in Brussels.

Jean-Claude Juncker said: “This is the best deal possible for Britain, this is the best deal possible for Europe. This is the only deal possible.”

DUP Leader Arlene Foster said appearing on the Andrew Marr show said: “There is very much a border down the Irish Sea as a result of this and that’s why we can’t support this deal.”

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