Nigel Farage to lead huge BREXIT rally!

Nigel Farage is set to make his first major come back to the political scene on Saturday the 22nd of September as the first Leave Means Leave rally will take place in Bolton.

In a video on Mr Farage’s Facebook, he states: “Well I’ve been waiting for Brexit to happen the kind of Brexit we voted for it’s pretty clear it’s not going to happen despite the instruction of the people.”

Mr Farage also posted on his facebook saying: “The first Leave Means Leave rally will take place in Bolton on Sat 22nd Sept. Tell your friends and spread the message. Tickets:

The Pro-Brexit campaign groups Leave Means Leave tweeted:

“As promised, we are delighted to invite you to join us at our first rally in Bolton on September 22nd with guest speaker Vice Chairman, . Other guest speakers will be announced soon. Find out more and purchase tickets here “

A Pro-Brexit rally by the grassroots organisation UK Unity is also set to take place on the 5th of September.

The event on Facebook has seen growing interest of thousands, the description of the event is as follows:

 “The people have had enough and UK unity says we cannot sit back and allow this Brexit betrayal so we must take ACTION! This will be the first Prime Ministers Questions back after the summer recess. Doing it at this time means we should also get media coverage like our previous rallies.

We need as many people on the streets to tell May we will not accept her soft Brexit!

We will symbolically block the gates of Number 10 before she leaves to go to PMQ’s then we will make our way to Parliament to protest while all the traitor MP’s are listening! Please share this event far and wide. UK unity will provide banners and placards and people are also encouraged to bring their own as well as flags.”

You can donate toward the costs of the protest here:

UK Unity was formed nine months ago and since has had various action days all around the country, however, this protest is the first of its kind using fruitful language like they will symbolically block the gates of Number 10′ 

Unity News Network will be reporting Live on the day and will bring you all the latest news!Do you value the work that we do at Unity News addressing the issues the mainstream media ignores? Then please help us continue to grow by either chipping in with a donation below:

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