OUTRAGE as Diane Abbott, Labour, Tories etc compare Tommy Robinson to HITLER!

After the release of Tommy Robinson the mainstream media have gone into overdrive to continue with the smears against both Tommy and the supporters who turned up on the day to support him. Diane Abbott shared an article to her twitter account from the hard left Mirror newspaper that contained a series of outrageous attacks on Tommy and his supporters.

After the event he attended a lunch at the House of Lords with Lord Pearson of Rannoch and UKIP leader Gerard Batten MEP. The Mirror reported the howls of indignation from both Labour and Tories saying:

Furious Labour MP Wes Streeting said: “Just when you think Lord Pearson can’t sink any lower, he invites in a convicted criminal and far right hate monger like Stephen Yaxley Lennon.

“The reason this Parliament stands as a beacon of freedom and democracy in the world is because brave men and women fought Hitler to defeat the type of politics he represents.”

Furious Tory MP Mark Harper told The Sun: “The founder of an organisation such as the EDL has no place in a building which is the home of parliamentary democracy.”

MP Wes Streeting is explicitly stating here that Tommy Robinson has the same politics as Hitler yet not one of his colleagues or anyone within the MSM called him out on the fact but actually agreed with him and endorsed the comments!

Both The Sun and the Daily Mail also got in on the act and UKIP launched a ferocious response on their Twitter feed by saying:

Gerard Batten also attacked SNP MP Stewart McDonald, who also referred to Tommy as a ‘vile and vicious fascist thug’ asking if he would make these remarks outside Parliament without Parliamentary privilege. His remarks were agreed with gusto by controversial speaker of the house John Bercow who is at the centre of a bullying investigation himself.

Unity News Network broadcasted LIVE throughout the day and you can listen to all of Tommy’s impassioned speeches and make your mind up for yourself about Tommy by watching below on our YouTube channel now:

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  1. A building which is the home of parliamentary democracy? Give us a break! Mr Robinson is a brave man, respected by people who actually GIVE a damn about our country and, the fact that he’s being hounded at every turn, shows that he’s doing something right. Diane Abbot should take a good look in the mirror. When she says openly “the trouble with Britain is white people” surely sums it up why Mr Robinson is applauded

  2. The house of lords is partly full of people who were murders in days gone bye
    The new lot of members are people who have stolen tax payers money on expenses. Who are they to condemned Robinson. At least he acts on what he believes in. He does not act for WHO PUTS THE MOST AMOUNT OF £ IN HIS POCKET

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