OUTRAGE as over 100 MP’s led by Diane Abbott confirm they will not report ILLEGAL immigrants!

It has emerged that a group of over 100 MP’s have signed up to a campaign by hard left open border organisation ‘Global Justice Now’ that they would not report illegal immigrants who go to them for constituency advice. The Chairman of the highly respected Migration Watch think-tank, Lord Greeen, has slammed the decision.

You can see the above declaration that the MP’s have signed and so far the count is 102 Labour, 25 SNP, 1 Tory, 9 Lib Dem, 3 Plaid Cymru, 1 Green & 1 Independent. It includes signatories such as Diane Abbott MP Shadow Home Secretary of Labour and Ian Blackford the leader of the SNP group at Westminster.

As you can see in the above tweets Lord Green has slammed the decision and in nearly 100% of the ensuing comments there is agreement with the position.

Popular news presenter David Vance also slammed the decision arguing:

Then those 100 MPs should be cautioned by the Police for potentially enabling law breaking. They should be barred from political office. They should be held accountable for any crimes committed by illegals. It is time we got tough with this sort of political degeneracy.

Questions are being asked about the willingness of these MP’s to both break the law and their involvement with the well funded Global Justice Group. They have an income breakdown on their website as follows which does not declare who they are from but the sums of money are eye-watering. George Soros has been shown in the past to be funding groups like this:

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  1. If Polititions agree with this then they should step down or be sacked also to support these illegals it should come out of their money the Taxpayers should have a right to refuse to pay for their support they pay enough Tax without having to support illegal as well as the amount of dole bludgers and people out of work eventually you will break the camels back.

    Mrs J MacDonald

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