Rees-Mogg urges Tories LETS ESCAPE FROM EU & not pay a SINGLE PENNY

Conservative MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg has urged all conservatives to back Brexit and not pay the European Union a ‘single penny’

The MP said:

There is £40billion of your hard earned money going to the European Union which we save.

There’s a brilliant report by the House of Lords from March last year with a committee mainly of remainers saying the legal position is absolutely clear, if we leave on world trade terms we are under no obligation to pay a penny – not a brass farthing. We would not owe them anything and we immediately be able to trade with the world.

We wouldn’t have an implementation period, a transition period. We wouldn’t have 21 months of vassalage where we’re told what to do by the EU and have no say what is happening. Straight away we will be free to lift tariffs on goods we produce, improving the standard of living for those less-well off in society because those tariffs hit food clothing and footwear.

The (opposition) Labour Party doesn’t like it and will vote against it. The Conservative Party doesn’t seem to like it and we will vote against it, and the EU won’t accept it.”

Speaking at a fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference Jacob received a standing ovation with hundreds of people gathering to hear the Eurosceptic patriot.

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