Sajid Javid’s Immigration Policy SLAMMED as being SUICIDE for Tories!

Respected UK Think Tank Migration Watch has labelled Javid’s post-Brexit immigration strategy the “longest suicide note” in the history of the Tory Party.

Migration Watch said the highly controversial proposals to allow any migrant from around the world to come to Britain for at least five years to look for a job – regardless of their ability – would send immigration levels even HIGHER.

The proposals are regarded as being written by corporate globalists and international bankers to suit their needs. Anyone from around the world will be able to come to the UK for at least five years from the end of 2020 even if they don’t have a job.

Businesses also won’t have to first advertise a job in the U.K. when they recruit. Many on social media have questioned what the point was in voting for Brexit only to see immigration from Europe potentially cut but rocketing from the rest of the world.

There is also no cap on the number high skilled workers who want to come and no changes to family visas – of which 148,000 were granted in the year to September 2018.

And Migration Watch add that immigration enforcement is “barely mentioned” even though hundreds are trying to come to the UK daily from France and beyond.

Lord Green, the highly influential Chairman, of Migration Watch said:

These measures are worse than useless. “They are so extensive as to be unenforceable by a Home Office that cannot even enforce the present system and is evading its responsibility to fulfil manifesto promises. At 160 pages this must be, for the Conservatives, the longest suicide note in their history.





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