Series of MASSIVE demos set to ROCK the Establishment over Brexit!

The 9th of December is set to see a HUGE march in London in support of Brexit which will be meeting from 11:45 on Sunday outside the Dorchester Hotel to then march towards Whitehall. Speakers are set to include activist journalist Tommy Robinson along with the leader of UKIP Gerard Batten and many more.

There is talk that some activists will be wearing yellow vests in solidarity with those in France who have been out campaigning against the globalist rule of President Macron.

Meanwhile Tuesday the 11th of December is the day of the Brexit vote and there will be both remainers and leavers out in force campaigning for the deal to be voted down.

Owen Jones, who memorably left an interview Live on Sky after breaking down in tears, has set up an event page encouraging people to come down on the day and so far the interest is pretty substantial with 2200 saying they are going with a further 11,000 interested:

Meanwhile Grassroots Campaign Group UK Unity are also organising a demo outside Parliament for the entire day of the vote and their Spokesperson David Clews had some harsh words for the Government, Remainers & ‘snowflake’ Owen Jones.

Clews said:

UK Unity will be there outside Parliament all day from 9:00am in the morning making lots of noise with posters and banners encouraging MP’s to vote NO to May’s deal and for a Full & Clean NO DEAL Brexit!

This is our 4th protest outside Parliament and it is so important we get good numbers to oppose our many enemies. Firstly the deal must be voted down. Secondly we can’t let top-hat wearing Stephen Bray who is on our news every night be the only one on the screens pushing their SOROS paid remain propaganda.

Likewise Owen Jones will also be out on the day spewing is his usual hysterical nonsense about everything. I genuinely feel disgusted for the millions of decent hard-working Labour voters who now have to listen to Owen Jones and his out of touch identity politics.

The working classes and Labour areas of the UK overwhelmingly voted to Leave the EU, to control immigration and make Britain a great nation again. How on earth can someone like Owen Jones achieve this?

If you are in the area or can come along on the day then please join us. We will mostly be gathered around the Churchill Statue on Parliament square to confront the TRAITORS before they head into Parliament but if we have moved along we will be outside College Green where the press are.

If you can’t come along on the day then we will be broadcasting and updating you LIVE throughout the day and you are also able to contribute to the day by clicking here now:

Full details of the day can be found on UK Unity’s event page by clicking below:

Pro-Brexit demonstrators from UK Unity face Anti-Brexit demonstrators as gathers outside the gates of Downing Street, and outside the Parliament to protest against Prime Minister Theresa May, London on September 5, 2018.



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