‘SNOWFLAKE’ Owen Jones also calls for MASSIVE protest against Tommy Robinson Brexit March!

Owen Jones has joined the calls by David Lammy & The Muslim Council of Britain to protest against the pro-Brexit demo on the 9th of December in central London. He has just tweeted the following:

Many have taken to social media to condemn both Lammy & Jones for their irresponsibility which could see ANTIFA thugs on the streets protesting against a peaceful Brexit Demo.

Below is the article that Owen Jones has endorsed:

2018 has seen the far right mobilise tens of thousands of people to London on multiple occasions. These marches have been consistently bigger than any of those ever called by the English Defence League. Called to oppose the imprisonment of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson), jihadist terrorism and grooming gangs, these demonstrations represent a high tide mark in the recent history of the UK far right.

Anti-fascists were initially caught off guard. Over time, however, they have got their act together, and opposition to the last few far right marches in central London has been significantly more effective and unified. In October, the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) were blocked from marching and confronted in the streets by an anti-fascist coalition – made up of the Anti-Fascist Network, the Feminist Anti-Fascist Assembly, and Football Lads and Lasses Against Fascism. A demonstration was also held in Parliament Square, led by Momentum and Stand Up To Racism.

Finally, it seems the anti-fascists have got a handle on things. How? By working together in a united front against fascism that out-mobilised the DFLA and disrupted their narrative. Rather than the legitimate voice of football fans and women opposed to rape, they were shown to be a bunch of sad cases.

Now, however, the far right are trying again with a new narrative. On Sunday 9 December, Robinson will be leading a march in central London against what he’s calling ‘The Great Brexit Betrayal’. The march claims to be a show of opposition to the establishment, who have failed to represent the true spirit of the EU referendum result.

This is an attempt to establish far right leadership over a large social block: those people who voted to leave the EU, are unsatisfied with the way negotiations have progressed, and don’t feel that the Brexit process is giving them what they wanted. This (large) section of the 52% of Leave voters are not fascists, but they might fall under fascist leadership if an effective anti-fascist strategy is not pursued. So, this is an extremely dangerous moment.

Fascists set up the dividing lines of their movement in a way which attempts to win the majority of people to their cause and isolate anti-fascists. They claim to be legitimate football fans who oppose paedo gangs and jihadis. If we accept those divisions, we’ve already lost. The most effective anti-fascist response is to point out that it is anti-fascists that organise against sexual violence and send volunteers to the Middle East to fight Isis. In October we saw how women and football fans played a particular role in undermining the DFLA’s claim to be normal football fans defending women. The combination of undermining their narrative and out-mobilising them in the streets leads to success.

On 9 December, we will stand united. Some of us are Leave, some of us are Remain, but we’re all anti-fascist.

Unity News Network will be LIVE throughout the day on the 9th of December across YouTube & Facebook to bring you all the real coverage of what is happening on the day.

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