Tax Payer to PICK UP THE BILL for Anjem Choudary’s ‘Safe House’ and Benefits After Prison

Islamist terror-supporter Anjem Choudary will be given his own “safe house” and be allowed to claim benefits again when he is released from jail after recruiting for the Islamic State.

The plan will cost the taxpayers tens of thousands of pounds, Anjem Choudary, 51, once described jobseeker’s allowance as “jihad seeker’s allowance” and urged his followers to claim it.

Choudary basking in his supporters.

The hate preacher is expected to be given the “safe house” away from London on his release from jail to try to stop him reuniting with other freed extremists.

The terrorist supporter could leave prison as soon as next week, he will also be placed under surveillance, banned from the internet and made the subject of a curfew in an operation that will cost taxpayers tens of thousands of pounds.

Choudary will be released from jail next month despite the Government’s warnings he is still a “dangerous person”.

Prisons Minister Rory Stewart warned that he remains “a deeply pernicious, destabilising influence”.

Mr Stewart said: “He is somebody that I would put into the category I have just mentioned. Somebody who was not given a sentence of enormous length but somebody who is a genuinely dangerous person. We will be watching him very, very carefully.”

Choudary was incarcerated at the Old Bailey in 2016 after pledging allegiance to ISIS and encouraging others to do the same.

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