TERROR as Leicester on LOCKDOWN after Armed Police DELIBERATELY mowed down by car!

Leicester city centre is on lockdown after an armed police officer was  “deliberately driven at”. He is currently in hospital with head injuries according to a senior police chief.

DCC Rob Nixon tweeted: “Day started 5.20 am when received a call about an armed officer being injured @leicspolice Officer deliberately driven at & now in hospital with head injuries. Full-scale operation now running to locate those responsible! #protecttheprotectors”

Leicestershire Road Policing Unit tweeted: “Just been made aware of a serious incident involving a @LeicsPoliceARV colleague & friend who was seriously injured overnight. I, along with everyone on the RPU wish you a speedy recovery mate. Thoughts are with you, your family & friends.”

Two roads in the city centre are on lockdown as police have been investigating the incident from 3am this morning.

The Twitter account for Area Traffic Control in Leicester tweeted: “Morning in #Leicester Belvoir Street is closed due to a police incident between Stamford Street & Bowling Green Street. To get to Market Street & Welford Rd pedestrians and vehicles will have to use Granby St & Bishop St.”

There have also been reports of police activity in other parts of the city possibly in relation to the ‘incident’. Leicester was rocked by a massive Explosion earlier this year which was initially thought of as a gas explosion but a massive manufacturing basement was uncovered. The media line is that it was producing ‘illegal alcohol’.

Opinion: Unity News Network is sickened by what appears to be a clear and deliberate attack against the U.K.’s Police force, we would like to send our best wishes to the officer who was attacked and wish him a speedy recovery, we would also like to send his family our best wishes in what must be an incredibly hard time for them. This is not only an attack on U.K. Law enforcement but the United Kingdom itself. 


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  1. This is something that is going to become more and more commonplace until our dithering and apologist government crack down on criminals and terrorists, and try to remove all elements that are considered wrong by the population. Quis gardia-ipsos guardium?

  2. Begs the question, was the firearm recovered or did it go “missing”? With rigid gun control in place, the easiest way to acquire a firearm might be simply to run down an armed police officer and take theirs.

  3. Leicester is NOT ‘on lockdown’ at all. All the roads that were closed were all reopened by 2pm. Seven people have been arrested.

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