Tommy Robinson SAVAGES mainstream media as his court case DRAGS on!

TOMMY Robinson’s prosecution has been halted this morning and the case referred to the Attorney General as it’s “too complex”.

He was greeted by thousands as he arrived outside the court before the contempt hearing, Tommy was patted on the back and cheered by supporters as he walked through them onto the stage to give a speech before entering the court.

Tommy Robinson giving his speech – credit: LONDON NEWS PICTURES.

Mr. Robinson was released from jail after three leading judges quashed a contempt of court finding made at Leeds Crown Court.

Despite this Tommy, 35-year-old could be sent back to jail if he is again found in contempt for filming people in a criminal trial in Leeds and broadcasting the footage on social media.

Today Founder of UK Unity and Unity News Network David Clews reported live from outside the trial:

David Clews of the Unity Movement had this to say about the day’s events:
Once again Unity News Network was delighted to bring you LIVE coverage of outside the trial of Tommy Robinson.
After a long overnight journey, I made my way to the Old Bailey where even at around 7:30 in the morning you could tell that today was going to be different.
There was a much larger Police presence with barriers in place to facilitate the pro and anti-Tommy demos.
The organisers had prepared a stage with loudspeakers and during the event, we were made aware this was paid for by the Middle East Forum.
After the introductions by Danny Tommo and others, Ezra Levant of the Rebel Media paved the way for Tommy describing him as a ‘lion of Britain’.
In an almost biblical scene, Tommy then walked through the crowd to much acclaim and with the usual cries of Oh Tommy Tommy echoing throughout the tight streets around the Old Bailey.
When Tommy spoke you could see the fire in his eyes but with the knowledge, he could have once again found himself incarcerated.
After he had entered the court the assembled crowd heard speeches from a variety of supporters including Richard ‘RB’ Inman who spoke passionately about the cancer of Muslim grooming gangs in the UK and the corruption at the heart of the establishment.
Australian activist Avi Yemini also elicited a great response from the crowd with his boisterous approach.
But a short time later word got out that the case had been adjourned as the Judge did not feel able to make a decision in light of the speech Tommy proposed to make in the court.
Tommy then came out to a hero’s welcome and as you will see from our YouTube footage read his statement out.
At times he lost his voice during it and you could see he was emotionally charged with the experience. He lambasted the MSM reiterating an oft-used slogan of President Trump that they are the ‘enemy of the people’ and this received rapturous noise and applause.
He then closed by saying he would have loved to stay longer but felt it only right to spend time with his wife and family.
From the outset, we at the Unity Movement took the view that no matter what you think of Tommy or his actions he in no way deserved to be sent to Prison for what he supposedly did.
For a ‘dour’ Scot like myself at times I wasn’t sure how to take the more theatrical parts of the day that his co-organisers whipped up within the crowd. Likewise, we tend to have less of a warm feeling towards people and especially those in politics.
What I can say is that Tommy Robinson now reflects a mood and movement that is part of something bigger and that is the alienation of many patriotic and decent hardworking people in the UK who feels that their own Government and authorities don’t represent them anymore.
In closing, I could go into even more details but I suggest you watch the YouTube videos and see them live for yourself.
The most important thing tonight is that Tommy is back home to his wife and family and once again he can continue with his work representing what he feels are the forgotten people of the UK.
You can see by the support and backing he received that the people see in Tommy a man they can trust and help them.”



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