UKIP propose MUSLIM ONLY prisons to stop the spread of extremism

The United Kindom Independence party (UKIP) has proposed in its interim manifesto the creation of Muslim-only prisons to stop the spread of Islamic extremism.

Published as the party’s annual conference began in Birmingham, the interim manifesto calls for the creation of jails “exclusively for” Muslims who “promote extremism or try to convert non-Islamic prisoners”.

Other interesting policies include getting rid of a so-called ‘hate crime’ and a ban on mosques receiving funding from overseas. UKIP have also proposed special security screening for would-be migrants “from Islamic countries”

UKIP Party leader Gerard Batten said the policies were intended to “make Ukip a populist party in the real meaning of the word”.

The policy for Muslim-only prisons has been met with criticism from Maajid Nawaz an ex-Islamic extremist, who  is now chairman of counter-extremism Quilliam Foundation, described the policy as “the first step to Muslim concentration camps. What next, deportation of all Muslims from these ‘Muslim only jails’? The rest of us, civilised human beings, will resist you to the end,”

Maajid Nawaz later posted on Twitter saying: “Hey @GerardBattenMEP. Muslim only jails: a despicable & uncivilised proposal. This is on you. Shame on you.”

However not everyone agreed with Maajid and a Facebook user posted saying: “It’s needed they have no respect for other religions, in fact, a lot of prisoners convert to Muslim as they are scared…”

Facebook User in agreement with UKIP’s new policy.

UKIP’s manifesto said decades of sexual abuse of children had been covered up due to “political correctness and the fear of identifying the vast majority of the perpetrators as Muslims”.

UKIP has called for “an independent national enquiry into local authorities and police forces’ historical failure to protect children from rape gangs”.

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