WATCH as Polish MP SLAMS discussion on SHARIA law in EU Parliament!

Increasingly across Europe there is the discussion of whether elements of Sharia Law should be introduced in order to accommodate the belief systems of the ever growing Islamic population. In the UK ‘unofficial’ Sharia courts are now common place whilst their numbers grow with certain elements even being looked at in British Law.

Poland under the patriotic Law & Justice Party has been at the vanguard of the fightback against this and further EU integration. Dominik Tarczynski has slammed President Macron before about further integration saying:

“We need and we want to have a dialogue. As Poland, we want to have to integrity, we want to have sovereignty – which is very important.

That is what we are trying to say, that national parliaments should have more to say but we can’t have two or three countries ruling the rest like small babies.”

Now he has also taken aim at any discussion of Sharia Law within the EU and you can see this below on our YouTube Channel- (Please SUBSCRIBE when you are there).

British Activist and Journalist Tommy Robinson previously said of Mr Tarczynski:

During my recent trip to Poland, I was honoured to be invited to Polish Parliament by MP Dominik Tarczynski. He’s a Member of Parliament for the Law and Justice Party, which is currently the country’s ruling party. I was amazed at how proud, patriotic, and honest Dominik was.

We spoke candidly about the European Union, the migrant crisis, and even Islam. He’s not like British politicians – he actually gave me answers!

Many across Europe continue to be concerned at the growth of a two- tier legal system whereby in some areas Sharia law usurps that of the law of the land.

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