Why is this ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT still in the UK after what he did?!!

A foreign criminal has avoided deportation six times over nine years after the Home Office failing to deport him back to his native country  Morocco. El Mehdi Arjdal failed to be sent back to Morocco after a charter flight was stopped when he put razor blades in his mouth.

Security guards refused to restrain him fearing that Arjdals mouth would be sliced to bits. Hatton Cross immigration tribunal heard El Mehdi Arjdal, 32, who uses the alias ‘Mehdi Alfarhane’, has 14 criminal convictions for 24 offences since sneaking into the country. These include theft and violence.

He was first detected by immigration officials in 2009 and is now making the second claim for his asylum. El Mehdi Arjdal claims he is a homosexual and will face prosecution in his homeland where same-sex relationships are illegal.

Details of attempts to remove him and his efforts to remain were revealed when he applied for release on bail from an immigration detention centre. The tribunal heard the first attempt to deport him was thwarted when he absconded while on bail.

During El Mehdi Arjdals time making his first asylum claim, he was committed a number of crimes. The next four attempts to deport him failed due to home office blunders.

Tribunal Judge VMD Fox said:

“Removal directions have been defeated on six occasions, four of which were due to administrative issues for the respondent. In one case there was no medic available, another time he was given no ticket. A new asylum claim has yet to be put to the respondent, saying he is homosexual and can’t go back to his country of origin.”

The tribunal also heard the Home Office offered him specially funded accommodation and financial assistance, should he get bail.

Barrister Katie Ayres, representing Arjdal on a pro-bono basis, said: “He has been offered Home Office accommodation in Glasgow and wants the opportunity to prove himself. He has a grant which is a privilege. They are not handed out any more.”

Home Office Grants include accommodation and a pre-paid payment card or full-board accommodation for failed asylum seekers considered destitute.

The Home Office is seeking to keep him detained until it deports him, but did not explain why he was offered so much support.

Miss Ayres argued he should be allowed bail ahead of his new asylum bid as he has been detained for 15 months,

She said: “It is equivalent to a 30-month prison sentence. Detention should be no more than three months or six months in extreme circumstances. This is nearly treble that.”

A Home Office Spokesman refused to comment on the blunders that led to Arjdal’s failed deportations and on why he has an accommodation offer with funding.

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